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Female prison population soaring | (UPI) -- New statistics released in Washington state show the female population in prisons there is seeing a fast upsurge. The numbers, printed in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, show many jails in that state are overflowing with female prisoners.

In the case of one jail, in Everett, there are more than 80 women assigned to 50 beds with only two toilets.

One basic reason for the overcrowding is that when prisons were built the ratio of female-to-male prisoners was much different than it is today.

One state official tells the paper as recently as 20 years ago, when people were designing jails, they had no idea the female prison population would grow exponentially, as it has done.

The problem is mirrored in many other aspects of society. Many office buildings that date from the 1800s, for example, were built with far fewer restrooms for women than for men. Over the years, owners have had to spend big bucks to bring them up to modern-day standards.

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