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'Electric boy' survives 11,000 volt jolt | (UPI) -- A 7-year-old New Zealand schoolboy Lee Nootai is being called "Electric Man" after surviving an 11,000-volt shock.

The New Zealand Dominion Post reports Lee and his sister were playing at Brandon Intermediate School when the boy lost his balance trying to retrieve a soccer ball from a tree and grabbed hold of an overhead power line.

The shock badly burned his hand and head where it touched the wire and exited through the tips of all 10 toes, leaving pin-point scorch marks on each.

His mother, Kai, said she was at home watching television with her daughters when the power went out. "I said to my girls, 'Maybe we didn't pay the power bill'," she said.

Lee is recovering but says his tree-climbing days are not over. "I'm going to go back and find me another tree," he told the newspaper.

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