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Ohio student tried becoming 'mafia' boss | NORTHFIELD CENTER, Ohio (UPI) -- A 14-year-old boy and a second eighth-grader Wednesday faced charges in an alleged scheme to form a mafia-like gang.

The youth allegedly envisioned himself as the "boss" of Nordonia Middle School and induced 11 confederates to join him at $100 a head.

Police said they found a note outlining the scheme.

"We need to take over the school quick," the note said. "I want to be the guy that everybody knows. I have a plan to beat the system and make lots of money."

Police said the plan included gambling, prostitution, computer hacking and other illicit activities.

"The boys made some very bad choices and waded in behavior that was way over their heads," school Principal Jennifer Vinson told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "School pranks are not kids' stuff in these days and times."

She suspended the youths for 10 days and some may be expelled. Summit County Sheriff's Capt. Larry Momchilov said the 14-year-old would be charged with a felony count of inducing panic. A second boy was expected to be charged with criminal mischief.

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