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Consumer Reports

Antidepressant keeps urge to smoke at bay | (UPI) -- An antidepressant called sustained release bupropion tripled the quit rate among women trying to stop their smoking habits.

Too bad some people kept on talking.

In the recent study of nearly 900 smokers, conducted by researchers at the University of Wisconsin, 25 percent of women taking the antidepressant abstained for at least a year and they reported improvements in mood.

Of the placebo group, only 8.5 percent resisted another cigarette during the year. Historically, women are at a higher risk than men of relapsing once they have decided to quit smoking. "In effect, bupropion appears to equalize the disparity between quit rates of women and men," researchers said, adding "this also appears to be true for previously depressed smokers and those without a history of depression."

They also said the nicotine patch did not seem to improve quit rates but further studies would need to be done to examine this.

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