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FBI makes April "Internet Safety Month" | (UPI) -- The FBI has designated April as national Internet Safety Month, with activities including a poster contest on the theme, "Know the Turf Before You Surf," bureau officials said Monday. One in five children receives a sexual approach over the Internet, with almost 70 percent of the solicitations occurring while kids are on their home computers, said Cassandra M. Chandler, assistant director of the FBI's office of public affairs.

The campaign, conducted jointly by the FBI's Community Outreach Unit and the Internet safety foundation, I-SAFE America, seeks to further educate both children and parents to the dangers of online predators.

Terri Schroeder, I-SAFE America's founder and chief executive officer, said, "It's not only the kids who need to learn how to recognize danger and how to immediately report it. Parents and guardians must also become alert to the warning signs." I-SAFE America, funded by bipartisan congressional funds managed by the Department of Justice, has run an awareness education awareness campaign in schools throughout America since September.

The new multi-agency educational outreach campaign will be "a successful way to address this burgeoning crime problem," Schroeder said.

However, Schroeder warned, "Children and their parents also need to know that when children break the law online, they will be held responsible for their actions along with their parents."

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