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Consumer Reports

Expect even more paperwork at airports | (UPI) One of the newest changes in the security procedures at airports involves the pre-printing or issuance of a security document. As the rules continue to change and grow at airport security scanning checkpoints so does the confusion -- particularly for those who have not flown since the holidays.

For a time you had to show proof of purchase of an electronic ticket or a paper ticket to get through the screening process. Now you have to have a new document, a security statement that you either get at the ticket counter or print yourself with your home computer.

Looking at the process as required by Southwest Airlines, we find the so-called security pass still only gets you through the scanning process. It is not a full-fledged boarding pass. Southwest lets you go online to get the pass as early as 6 a.m. the day before your flight. You use your reservation's alpha-numeric code to access and print the pass.

People without computer access or a printer can go to a special kiosk at many airports or to the ticket counter. This becomes a hassle, though, if you want to go directly to the gate and have no checked luggage.

If you are on a multi-legged itinerary, roundtrip, excursion, etc., you will need to repeat the process before each flight.

If you have not flown in a while, contact your travel agent or call the airline and make sure you have all the papers necessary to get to your gate.

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