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Consumer Reports

ID theft turns to online job postings | (UPI) -- The job-search site has sent an e-mail message to its active customers warning them about the growing trend of identity theft predators turning to online job boards.

The trend is particularly troubling in the current economy, where job-hunters are more likely to jump through hoops for prospective employers, the company said. advises job seekers to be wary of giving out proprietary information in the early stages of the hiring process.

It also warns to stay away from any job-poster who asks for credit card or bank numbers, or any sort of monetary transaction. Additionally, said, job seekers should not give out their social security number, even if the poster says it is for a "routine background check."

They also should not provide any non-work related information such as marital status, eye color, or height and they should be especially careful when dealing with contacts outside their own country. "(Job seekers) shouldn't perceive themselves to be totally at the mercy of prospective employers," said Paul Barada,'s reference expert. "It's not worth losing your identity."

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