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Kids more interactive using digital toys | (UPI) -- Children between the ages of 4 and 6 who used a digital toy connected to a desktop personal computer interacted with their peers and researchers more than kids who only used a PC.

University of Sussex researchers say their findings come in the wake of a report that blames computer games for the decline in language skills among primary school pupils.

The toys, in the form of a cuddly bear or doll, moved, spoke and responded to a child's touch. They could be linked to a PC and used to encourage and prompt children when working with compatible software games. When the toy was absent, the children could use an on-screen icon of the same character.

The researchers found that, among children who had the toys, there was a significant increase in socialization in their help-seeking behavior. Children working in pairs were twice as likely to talk to each other. The children who were working alone were three times more likely to seek the help of researchers.

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