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Consumer Reports

IBM to repair faulty monitors | (UPI) -- The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says IBM is cooperating in the recall of more than 56,000 computer monitors. The concern over the desktop units is the monitors' circuit boards can overheat or start smoking.

So far there has been at least one report of minor property damage and four additional reports of some smoking problems; no injuries were reported.

The company says the models involved are the G51 CRT and the G51t, Touch Screen units. The monitors, built in both China and Malaysia, have "IBM" prominently written on the front. They were built between June and September 1997.

The monitors were merchandised through IBM, MicroTouch Systems, Best Buy, CompUSA, Office Max, Radio Shack and other national stores. The were on store shelves in the fall and winter of 1997 and throughout 1998. They sold for about $370.

The recalled units have the following model numbers: 6541-02N, 6541-02E, 6541-02S, 6541-Q0N, 6541-Q0E AND 6541-Q0S.

Owners are being advised to unplug the units and to contact IBM for a free inspection and replacement or repair. The repair center's number is (866) 644-3155. Additional information is accessible on the company's Web site:

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