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Consumer Reports

Chicago Cubs "guaranteed" to make a World Series appearance this year | (UPI) -- The Chicago Cubs are "guaranteed" to make a World Series appearance this year. Seriously.

Jeff Swanson, 40, of Dewitt, Iowa, is using e-Bay to auction off a "written guarantee" the Cubs will play in the 2003 World Series. The guarantee has been up for bid for the past week, with one soul as of Thursday going as high as $860.

Swanson admits the goal is fan morale -- which obviously is needed since the Cubbies haven't been in the World Series for more than a half-century and struggle to put together back-to-back winning seasons.

The contract says it the Cubs fail to make it to the World Series, the winning bidder gets season tickets for 2004, along with a donation made by Swanson in their name to the "Cubs Care" charitable foundation maintained by the baseball club.

Swanson also then pays for a party for up to 50 people to be held at the Cubby Bear, a nightclub located across the street from the Cubs' ballpark, Wrigley Field.

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