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Consumer Reports

Cranberry juice cuts heart disease? | (UPI) Drinking cranberry juice can increase a person's level of good cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease, new research has revealed.

The scientists, from the University of Scranton, Pa., conducted human trials to look into the possibility the juice, high in anti-oxidants, could have such an effect.

The study involved 19 people with high cholesterol. Although their overall cholesterol levels remained unchanged, good cholesterol went up by about 10 percent after three glasses of cranberry juice a day, a rate that corresponds to a 40-percent reduction in heart disease risk.

Plasma anti-oxidant levels also increased by as much as 121 percent.

Benefits of the juice are not restricted to lowering a person's chances of developing heart disease, researchers said. Previous studies of the sweet-tart juice suggested it helps prevent urinary tract infections and reduces the risk of gum disease, stomach ulcers and cancer.

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