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Consumer Reports

Coughing up a Millionaire | (UPI) -- College lecturer Tecwen Whittock is on trial for allegedly using coughs as coded signals to help a contestant cheat at and win British television's "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire."

The British Broadcasting Corp. reports sound expert John French testified 36 coughs -- he described them as persistent -- were made by one person during an episode allegedly won using the coded signals. He traced the coughs to the "Fastest Finger First" row of contestants, which included Whittock.

French said a total 192 coughs were recorded during the contested episode but most came from elsewhere in the audience, the BBC says.

Whittock admits at least 19 of the coughs might have been his but denies there was any conspiracy to get Maj. Charles Ingram the jackpot. Prosecutors claim Whittock used particular coughs to guide Ingram to most of the correct answers.

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