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Consumer Reports

Skin conditioner being recalled | (UPI) -- The Pel Co. of North Branch, N.J., says it is cooperating with federal regulators in the national recall of is Aerozoin Skin Conditioner. Although the product usually is used in medical clinic and hospital settings prior to the application of dressings and casts, some of the product could have made it into "civilian" hands.

The product being recalled was sold in 3.5 ounce spray cans.

In addition, a second Pel product, KENSOIN Skin Conditioner for Tape and Cast Dressings, is being recalled. The problem, according to the Food and Drug Administration, is the manufacturer failed to comply with its Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations covering the performance of products in after-market testing.

More than 102,000 cans are involved in the national recall. The recall was first announced several months ago but is being restated and is ongoing nationally.

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