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Parked 105-year-old Daimler car ticketed | (UPI) -- A 105-year-old Daimler car that hasn't moved from its museum spot in years has been ticketed for violating London's new "congestion" law.

The Daily Telegraph in London reports the car hasn't been on the road since 1947, but according to the traffic patrol it was driven into the capital at 8:15 a.m. on Feb. 17 without paying the $8 charge for cars entering the city's most congested area. The official notice said pictures provided additional evidence.

"We were surprised to get the paperwork because the Daimler has not moved under its own power for decades," said Andrew King, curator of the Bristol Industrial Museum, where the car has been on display for 25 years.

The paper notes London officials say it's ridiculous to think there won't ever be mix-ups implementing the new surcharge, which is designed to reduce heavy traffic volume in the nation's capital.

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