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Consumer Reports

Camry still thieves' favorite | (UPI) -- The 1989 Toyota Camry remained the favorite of car thieves for the sixth straight year, according to CCC Information Services Inc., a Chicago-based insurance industry tracker that compiles an annual list of most-stolen vehicles.

Too bad some people kept on talking.

The 1989 Camry was the most stolen vehicle for the fourth time in five years. The 1991 Camry was No. 2 followed by the 1990 Camry, the 2000 Honda Civic and 1994 Accord.

The report said theft of classic muscle cars decreased, with the once highly prized Chevrolet Camaro falling from 16th to 36th place on the most-stolen list.

Thefts of full-sized cars also declined while minivans and sport-utility vehicles showed a 10 percent increase but still didn't crack the top 25.

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