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Consumer Reports

From suspicious package to bundle of joy | (UPI) -- New York police officer Christopher Gabrielsen was on terrorism patrol when he came upon the suspicious package.

The New York Post reports, however, the cop said he "didn't mind" because it turned out to be a bundle of joy. The Operation Atlas officer and colleagues took a short break to deliver a baby right at their checkpoint.

Lingmao Lin, 26, of Queens, and her husband were heading for the hospital in a cab when they got caught in an Atlas traffic jam on the ramp from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to the Williamsburg Bridge.

Gabrielsen told the Post the driver pulled up, "said 'hospital,' then pointed to the back of the cab and said 'baby.'"

"I was just looking for trucks and bombs. It was a very nice surprise," Gabrielsen said. Mom and new daughter are doing fine.

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