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Consumer Reports

Toppling saddam? Bet on it | (UPI) -- In true American fashion we no longer have to speculate on war with Iraq or toppling Saddam Hussein, we can get the actual odds on bet.

The Boston Globe says if you want to know the odds Saddam will be dead by June you'll find it's 1.5 to 1 up on, an Internet gambling site.

The odds are 2 to 1 he will be ousted by the end of March, says and the likelihood of him in exile is 5 to 1.

For-profit Web sites have taken in millions of dollars in wagers on Saddam's fate, the Globe reports, adding some heavy hitters are paying attention to the numbers, including investment banks and the Defense Department.

Andrew Leigh, a student at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, studied TradeSports and found its odds surprisingly good predictors of reality.

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