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Consumer Reports

Balm addicts | (UPI) -- Lisa Skaryd started her habit at 11, taking her first hit at a birthday party, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Now 26, she says feels physically uncomfortable when she can't get to her stash. Her lips feel dry. They start to ache and crack. She admits it, she's a lip balm addict.

"If I discover that I don't have my stuff with me, I stop and buy one right away," Skaryd told the paper. "I would be frightened to be without it." Skaryd indulges up to 30 times a day.

The Tribune reports while there are no statistics on lip balm addicts, their numbers are difficult to ignore. Take the Ford Motor Co., for instance, which since 2001 has included a storage niche for a lip balm tube on its Escape model.

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