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Consumer Reports

Baby combo tubs could pose pinching hazard | (UPI) -- A company that produces folding bathtubs for infants is cooperating with federal regulators in a national recall of one of its models. The First Years Co. is recalling some 120,000 "2-in-1 Fold-Away Tub and Step Stools" because of a problem in the units' steps.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is helping in the recall.

The company says, "When used as a tub, babies' body parts can be pinched in the product's footrest if it is not fully extended so that it closes firmly into place."

So far there have been some 20 reports of pinching injuries to babies using the tubs. The recall is being carried out to replace the assembly and use instructions. The model number 3141 is written on the underside of the base of the units. The product is sold as a folding baby bathtub that can also be used as a step stool for older children.

When used in the bathtub position, the backrest has a purple pad. The units were sold nationally for about $17 from early in 1999 through the spring of 2002.

Consumers are asked not to use the bathtub until revised instructions can be printed. For more information call (800) 533-6708.

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