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And baby makes | (UPI) -- Detroit-area human services official Susan Cuevas saw the infant sleeping on her tummy -- rather than her back -- and had to make sure the baby was turned to protect the child from sudden death or suffocation.

The Detroit Free Press says it didn't matter the baby in this case was a comic strip character, Meredith Anne Patterson.

Cuevas e-mailed "For Better or For Worse" artist Lynn Johnston pointing out politely that in such a position, baby Merie could suffocate, the paper writes. An infant's proper sleeping position is facing up, Cuevas noted.

The Free Press reports Johnston responded, first by e-mail, then in her comic strip, where the baby quickly was sleeping soundly in her crib, on her back.

Cuevas wasn't the only person who was concerned -- more than 200 people nationwide wrote or called, said a spokeswoman for the Canadian artist.

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