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Jewish World Review March 9, 2001 / 14 Adar, 5761

Lorenzo Perez

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Taking a taxi to and from a bank robbery -- RALEIGH, N.C. -- Bank robbers usually don't pay their getaway drivers by the eighth of a mile. Unless they employ an unsuspecting cab driver to park outside while they finish their business.

According to Sgt. Norman Grodi, all the suspect told the driver before stepping out of the cab to rob abank was, "Wait, I'll be right back."

The suspect wasn't in the bank any longer than three minutes, Grodi said. After waiting in line, the suspect slipped the teller a note written on a bank deposit slip and whispered that he had a gun in his pocket. He wore a black, down-filled jacket with a bright yellow interior, a black hooded sweat shirt and light khaki pants. The suspect made no attempt to disguise his face, police said.

The driver still had no idea anything was wrong after the suspect jumped back in the cab with an undisclosed amount of cash and asked to be dropped off some blocks away.

Police identified the suspect as Tony Lee Milbourne, 37, and took out warrants for his arrest.

Universal Cab Co. driver Mark Ajoku said he didn't even get to keep the fare from the heist. Police claimed it as evidence.

Lorenzo Perez writes for the Raleigh News & Observer. Comment by clicking here.


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