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March 31, 2000

Jonathan Tobin: Romancing Assad

Jordan Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip, The Promised Land

March 30, 2000

Matthew Brooks and Seth Leibsohn: Why are the Dems 'koshering' Sharpton?

Dr. Wade Horn: Preschool Not A Must for Academic Success

March 29, 2000

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: Leap months and deepest secrets

Marlene A. Marks: My date with humility

March 28, 2000

Arye Leib Gordon: A Kinder, Gentler Haman?

Douglas Davis: Judge unclear if Nazi suspect has dementia, reconsiders ruling

March 27, 2000

Jonathan Rosenblum: The ADL's latest imaginary enemy: Religious Jews

Ethel G. Hofman: Easy, Comfort, Main Dish Soups

March 24, 2000

Brianne Korn: Unaffiliated young Jews to connect with religion, each other on Sabbath

Jonathan Tobin: Are We Ready for a Jewish Veep?

March 23, 2000

Judy R. Gruen: Orthodox Mystery Writer Clues Readers in to Traditional Jewish Thought

Dr. Janice Cohn: The game(s) of life

March 22, 2000

Erica M. Rauzin: Starting the chumetz Patrol

Richard Z. Chesnoff : Al Gore Leaves Voters Guessing on Foreign Policy

March 21, 2000

Rabbi Nosson Scherman: Purim as G-d's Jigsaw Puzzle

I. I. Cohen: Purim in the valley of tears

March 20, 2000

Eric Fingerhut: Jewish groups cautious on secret evidence bill

Elliot B. Gertel: When Black Archie Bunkers 'diss' the 'Jewish doctors'

March 17, 2000

Jonathan Tobin: Voyage Into the Heart of Liberal Darkness

Sarah Blustain: Should I? Shouldn't I? A 'feminist' confronts a marriage proposal

March 16, 2000

Eytan Kobre: Pointer from the Pope

Dr. Wade Horn: President's Program for Fathers Misses Mark

March 15, 2000

Rabbi Arye Forta: Always tell the truth?

Ruth E. Gruber: Only 200 strong, Macedonia's Jews celebrate unity and new synagogue

March 14, 2000

Sharon Samber : Bush and Gore will target Jewish votes — and funds

Y. Levy: Say (Kosher) Cheese!

March 13, 2000

Alan M. Dershowitz: "Justice, justice thou shall pursue"?

Jonathan Mark: Unorthodox Coverage

March 10, 2000

Jonathan Tobin: Re-educating American Jewry

Dr. Wade Horn: Seeing Men as "The Problem" is Worrisome Attitude

March 9, 2000

Rabbi Berel Wein: The hubris trap

Jordan Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip, The Promised Land

March 8, 2000

Benyamin Cohen: Dangerous Liaisons

Marvin Schick: Unholy Description of ‘Kadosh’

March 7, 2000

J. J. Goldberg: McCain isn't quite what Jewish conservatives are looking for this year --- it may not matter

Elliot Gertel: Jack and Jill: Turning the table on stereotypes?

March 6, 2000

Debra N. Cohen: Jewish establishment called out of tune with music revival

Sanford Pinsker: Is Klezmer Music Good for the Jews?

March 3, 2000

Jonathan Tobin: The Company They Keep

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.: 'Even wiser than most because you didn't think you were wise': Remembering Charles Schultz

March 2, 2000

Steven Plaut: The tragedy of Ofra Haza: Exploiting the dead for political gain has spread to Israel

Richard Z. Chesnoff : GOP Candidates Offer Little New on Foreign Policy

March 1, 2000

Douglas Davis: Eichmann again a ‘cog,' but to discredit deniers

Jordan Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip, The Promised Land

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