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Consumer Reports

Police in slow-speed tractor chase | (UPI) -- In an era when television is full of high-speed chases, Minnesota police report the leisurely pursuit of a stolen farm tractor.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune says a Traverse County farmer dialed police to report the theft of his 325-horsepower, four-wheel-drive tractor.

To make matters worse, attached to the back of the tractor was an 18-foot-wide chisel plow, used to open hard farmland prior to preparation for planting.

Before the pursuit was over, the tractor had been driven into South Dakota, sideswiping a police car along the way. The chase was clocked at about 25 mph.

The driver of the tractor later claimed his own truck had run out of gas. He walked for a mile and a half, eventually finding the huge tractor with the keys in it and took off.

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