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Consumer Reports

Teen bank robbers underestimate cops | (UPI) -- Two Cleveland-area teens underestimated police by holding up a local bank using a ticking backpack, the Plain Dealer reports.

The 15- and 16-year-old fled with cash but the getaway was short-lived as they were arrested less than five minutes later, one block away. Inside the book bag was a wad of toilet paper and an alarm clock.

The heist began as the 16-year-old handed a bank teller a note that read: "Don't yell or scream. Sorry to spoil your day, but this is a robbery. If you press any alarms or buttons there is a bomb in my case that is wired through your computer system. It will blow us all up."

A bank teller handed the boy a stack of bills and he left, setting the ticking book bag in the front of the bank, thinking it would draw all the police attention. It didn't.

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