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Bush releases 'secure cyberspace' plan | (UPI) -- The White House Friday released its 'National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace,' which it says will ensure Internet disruptions are "infrequent, of minimal duration, manageable, and cause the least damage possible."

The plan depends on coordinated effort from federal, state and local governments, the private sector, and citizens, the Bush administration said, to "reduce our nation's vulnerability to debilitating attacks against our critical information infrastructures or the physical assets that support them."

The new plan is part of President Bush's larger 'National Strategy for Homeland Security,' and sets up five major national priorities: create a national cyberspace security response system; establish a cyberspace security threat and vulnerability reduction program; develop a national cyberspace security awareness and training program; secure the government's cyberspace; and establish national security international cyberspace security cooperation.

The newly established Department of Homeland Security will lead many of the initiatives, the administration said.

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