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Consumer Reports

Chihuahua choking on chihuahua saved by call to 911 | (UPI) -- A Chihuahua, choking on a fragment of a stuffed cloth toy Chihuahua, was saved by an emergency call to 911.

The dog's owner, Jennifer Gilbert, called the emergency number in Evansville, Wis., after Gizmo started choking on a Taco Bell dog that speaks Spanish when squeezed or bitten.

Using one of the 41 flip cards used to give over-the-phone instructions for all sorts of medical emergencies, dispatcher Jodie Johnson handled the call and saved the day, the Janesville Gazette reported.

The card that most closely resembled the situation is labeled, "Obstructed Airway-Infant." She substituted "dog" where the card read "infant," even though dispatchers are supposed to read the instructions verbatim to the caller.

Following the dispatcher's instructions, Gilbert held Gizmo's chest in her right hand and gave him several whacks on his back, dislodging the offending toy dog's marble-sized nose.

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