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Consumer Reports

Richard Petty saluted by cereal company | (UPI) -- The folks at General Mills are giving NASCAR champion Richard Petty a limited edition cereal to honor The King of stock car racing.

The company says it will produce a special version of Cheerios, sweetened with brown sugar. The cereal will have pieces in the shapes of "4s" and "3s" to commemorate Petty's racing number, 43.

Petty talked recently to media, noting how thrilled he was to be associated with the project.

The cereal, "Richard Petty's 43's," will be available in two separate foil-packaged designs. One features a 1970s'-era photo of Petty driving a Plymouth Superbird. The other box shows him in a 1980s' Pontiac Grand Prix.

Even though Petty effectively retired from active racing in 1992, he still holds many major records and is considered to be racing's most competitive and successful driver. He won more than 200 major races, seven championships, seven wins at Daytona. He sat on the pole 126 times and participated in 1,185 races.

Additionally, Petty holds records for most laps completed, most laps led, most miles led and most races led.

General Mills will donate $43,000 from the Petty-themed cereal profits to a charity that helps children with life-threatening diseases.

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