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Furniture marks parking turf | (UPI) -- A mountain of snow and a dearth of parking spaces has led Philadelphians to get creative in letting others know a spot belongs to them.

The Philadelphia Inquirer says it could be a cracked barstool, armless armchair or a beat-up storage trunk with a "Deathwish" sticker on it -- they all mark tidy parking spaces the someones who shoveled them believe belong to them.

"He's saying, 'You park there, you've got to fight me,'" Joe Mattiocco, 65, told the paper as he viewed one such spot.

Philly police said barricading a parking space is illegal and punishable by a $100 fine but that didn't stop Todd Green, 27, who put a trash can in his spot. "Hopefully, no one will move it," he said. "And if they do, they'll have a problem."

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