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Consumer Reports

Octopus learns to open jars | (UPI) -- An octopus called Frieda at the Munich zoo in Germany has learned to open jar lids with its tentacles, reports.

The female octopus treats visitors at the Hellabrunn Zoo to daily displays of her dexterity and has learned to discern between empty jars and those containing her favorite snacks of shrimp, crabs and clams.

Zoo attendants taught the octopus the skill by repeatedly opening a jar underwater where she could see it and eventually she tried it herself.

Frieda positions her entire body over the lid of a wide-mouthed jar and grasps the sides with the suckers on her tentacles. With a mighty full-body twist, she wrenches the lid off.

She'll open jars one after another -- but only jars with her special goodies in them. She gives all other jars the cold shoulder, according to a zoo attendant.

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