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Consumer Reports

In Moscow, no naughty words | (UPI) -- You might have to start watching your language in Moscow. The Russian Duma's lower house has passed a bill that would ban naughty words and a slew of other descriptives.

The news agency Tass reports the bill to make Russian the official language of the Russian Federation, also includes public use of the language and outdoor advertising.

"It is stated specifically that the use of the Russian language as the official language does not allow for public use of invectives referring to race, nationality, occupation, social status, sex, language, religious, political and other convictions of citizens, the use of obscene words and expressions and of foreign words and word combinations

lf there exist their analogues in Russian," Tass reported.

"These provisions also envisage the ban on the use of obscenities and jargon on TV and on the air and in printed publications," the agency continued.

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