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Making the cop
get out of his   car | (UPI) -- The thief in Arlington, Va., just outside Washington, D.C., was so intent on getting the license plate he wanted to steal off the front of the vehicle, he failed to notice it was a police squad. Or that the plainclothes officer was still inside. Or that a second squad, containing a second officer, was parked next to it.

The Washington Post reports that officer Chris Feltman recalled feeling his car move up and down as he watched the thief tug at the license plate.

The thief eventually went back to get a second tool to aid him in his attempt to wrench the plate free and apparently then noticed he wasn't alone. So the officers moved in.

Javier Arraya was booked on charges of possessing burglary tools and tampering with a vehicle, but the Post reports that even he saw the humor. "He said, 'It's certainly been a pleasure being arrested by you,'" Feltman recalled.

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