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Consumer Reports

Anchor kits for carseats being recalled | (UPI) -- A company that produces carseat anchors says it's cooperating with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in a recall. The Snug Seat Co., based in North Carolina, is recalling about 1,150 units because one of the washers that attaches the carseat restraint to vehicles does not meet federal standards.

The standard involved is listed as Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213. It specifically deals with children's carseat anchors.

Snug Seat says it will automatically mail free metal ring kits and repair instructions to owners who filled out and sent in registration cards. For more information, the company can be reached at (800) 336-7684.

The model numbers are: For the Gorilla child safety seat 200-1000. For the Spelcast seat 600-1000. Additionally, the part number of the tether anchor kit is FW-50250-12-ZY.

Before repairs can be made, owners should stop using the car seats.

The company makes products to carry children with special needs in car restraints. The units were sold nationally during the past year by a company called Durable Medical Equipment Dealers.

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