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Consumer Reports

Baby boom crush creating new foods | (UPI) -- With the increasing number of older Americans, more and more companies are coming up with sugar-free or no-sugar-added foods. The development of new sweeteners, including Splenda, has resulted in a rush to create new ice cream flavors that are as true to the original as possible.

The major ice cream companies, including Dryer's, Edy's, Breyers, Blue Bunny and Sealtest, have no-sugar-added ice creams. Remember, unless you look for special dietetic ice creams, you won't see no-sugar versions, since milk has some sugar in it. But, for most people, except those on very strict diabetic diets, no-sugar-added can provide some level of enjoyment.

It was not that long ago people on sugar-restricted diets had few choices when it came to desserts and snacks. What few candies there were at the time often were enhanced with a chemical called sorbitol. Unfortunately, for many people sorbitol is a bulking agent. Too much consumption of sorbitol-sweetened candies left people stranded in the bathroom.

Shelf life limitations also have left some consumers high and dry.

If your store stocks very little no-sugar-added ice creams or none at all ask the manager to tell you what is available and demand some be stocked.

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