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Consumer Reports

Police run out of parking tickets | (UPI) DES MOINES, Iowa What a shame. Police have run out of parking tickets and city officials said they won't get more for two to six weeks.

However, there's no shortage of the tickets for expired parking meters.

Officers typically write between 25 and 100 parking tickets a day, more if snow parking restrictions go into effect, but meter enforcement officers use a different ticket and have plenty of those for meter fines.

The police department ordered new parking tickets after the city council raised fees and fines for violations to help close a $6.5 million budget deficit.

"In waiting to see which direction the council would go, delays developed in ordering tickets," Chief William Moulder told Monday's Des Moines Register. Moulder said the department considered ordering more of the old tickets and just writing in the new higher fines.

"But that's kind of tacky, and people tend to look at you a little askew," he said.

A last bunch of tickets found at police headquarters were too old to be used so officers won't be able to ticket vehicles that block driveways, park too close to fire hydrants and stop signs or illegally take handicapped spaces.

"I guess we won't be able to write any more until we get more in," an officer said. That would be two to six weeks depending on whether the printer can rush the job.

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