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Paul Greenberg archives

08/04/06: The War Comes to Little Rock
08/02/06: Poor Lebanon
07/26/06: The Frankenstein Syndrome
07/24/06: This war may have just begun
07/21/06: Beach scene with murderers
07/20/06: Ahmed bar the door: From incidents to two-front war
07/14/06: MMMM . . .
07/12/06: Conscience of a conservative
07/11/06: O TIMES, O MORES!
07/07/06: Nothing seems to shock terrorist leaders so much as being taken seriously
07/05/06: The fog of law
07/03/06: It's a Grand Old Flag amendment
06/28/06: The NYTimes strikes again
06/27/06: Secrets, anyone?
06/23/06: Picasso in Little Rock: Pictures at an exhibition
06/22/06: How not to edit
06/20/06: Good news can be frustrating
06/19/06: Juneteenth: At last it's official
06/16/06: Future foretold here
06/14/06: Congress vs. justice
06/13/06: Say no to a language war
06/12/06: One more down
06/07/06: Parallel presidencies
06/01/06: In praise of failure
05/29/06: A stillness in the morning
05/26/06: The storm before the calm
05/24/06: Coming to America
05/22/06: The high price of economic ignorance
05/19/06: Fun with numbers
05/17/06: Letter from the asylum
05/15/06: A general in charge of the CIA? Shocking!
05/10/06: Notes on a verdict
05/05/06: It's a grand old flag . . .
05/03/06: G Tone poem
05/02/06: The dark rolling fields of the Republic
04/26/06: I get letters . . .
04/18/06: Mexican standoff: Washington in inaction
04/18/06: Happy Tax Day
04/12/06: Mindstream
04/06/06: The things people say
04/05/06: Pilgrimage
04/03/06: No good deed ... the hounding of Cap Weinberger
03/31/06: In praise of plagiarism
03/30/06: Why not the best of both?
03/24/06: Reply all
03/28/06: Army Days: A memoir and endorsement
03/22/06: The joker
03/21/06: Confessions of a word addict
03/17/06: On the death of another despot
03/16/06: Unsettling
03/14/06: Singing the neo-conservative blues
03/10/06: Score one for common sense
03/06/06: An age of arrogance
03/01/06: Media ethics: An oxymoron?
02/22/06: The sound of distant music
02/21/06: Cheney's ongoing problems
02/16/06: The decline of the West
02/13/06: Mr. Lincoln and the law
02/10/06: Prejudices
02/06/06: Amnesiac America
01/27/06: Her kind of majesty
02/01/06: Happy birthday, Mozart
01/26/06: Conflicted: Federalism v. life
01/23/06: Miss Hillary's hissy fit
01/19/06: Virtue eclipsed
01/17/06: In the camera's eye
01/12/06: Return of the anti-federalists
01/10/06: Farris Hassan, boy reporter
01/06/06: Shocking discovery: President determined to defend U.S.
01/04/06: Book of the year
12/30/05: My new year's resolutions
12/28/05: A puzzle: when domestic spying isn't
12/19/05: Talking power to truth
12/15/05: Two obituaries
12/13/05: A brief history of Western valor: From time immemorial to Howard Dean
12/02/05: Amiable duffer in politics getting well deserved honor
11/29/05: The Clinton library after one year
11/28/05: The great conspiracy
11/23/05: ET TU, WOODWARD?
11/22/05: November 22nd
11/21/05: The wrong message to send
11/16/05: Judith Miller's long goodbye
11/15/05: Realists who aren't
11/11/05: To filibuster or not to filibuster, that is the question
11/09/05: Is Paris burning?
11/08/05: The paranoid style in American politics
11/04/05: Of the old school
11/02/05: On to a real debate: This nominee thinks
11/01/05: And there it wasn't
10/28/05: Self-portrait of a martyr: Judith Miller begins to annoy
10/27/05: America, the game
10/24/05: The balm of time
10/21/05: The religion of the South
10/14/05: It was wholly a pleasure . . .
10/14/05: Cold comfort
10/13/05: The mystery nominee
10/11/05: On political labels
10/10/05: The next little step: Human cloning
10/06/05: Madame X: W's latest surprise
10/03/05: Monologue
09/29/05: Church, State and Wal-Mart
09/28/05: Notes in transit
09/27/05: The Nazi hunter
09/26/05: Calling all saints --- it's time to come marching in
09/22/05: Ragin' Nagin
09/19/05: Flotsam, or: Do you know what it means . . .
09/16/05: A clatter of editorial writers
09/13/05: Unveiled: The Little Rock Nine
09/12/05: A flood of words
09/09/05: Voices after the storm
09/07/05: Rehnquist: He kept the court together
09/02/05: The Katrina syndrome: What a hurricane can teach
08/24/05: Family quarrel
08/24/05: A sense of style
08/19/05: The terrorists next door
08/16/05: Talking to tomorrow
08/15/05: So sorry
08/12/05: A fortress against time
08/09/05: Travel notes: Boston or bust
08/08/05: The law is the law
08/04/05: Fifty ways to beat the heat
08/02/05: Any excuse will do
08/01/05: It must be the heat: This nominee drives 'em crazy
07/27/05: Artist in residence
07/26/05: Freighted with insignificance
07/20/05: Malaise, a short story
07/19/05: Now I get it
07/18/05: Get Karl Rove!
07/14/05: The Englishness of it
07/13/05: Fasten your seat belts . . .
07/08/05: Back to first principles
07/06/05: The Commander in Chief heard from
07/04/05: ‘My fellow citizens …’
06/30/05: Unholy spectacle
06/28/05: Wanted: A little perspective, please
06/24/05: The drum major
06/23/05: A modest proposal
06/20/05: Howard Dean gallops on
06/17/05: A son's story
06/15/05: I hate that (the rise of identity journalism)
06/10/05: A test for the Senate
06/08/05: Respect and disrespect
06/07/05: It's still Nixon's America — Deep Throat brings it all back
06/02/05: The more Europe changes . . .
05/30/05: Art world in a tizzy
05/26/05: Filibustered out: Back where we started
05/24/05: On the beach
05/18/05: The religion of the South
05/16/05: Games with history
05/12/05: Who's for the filibuster now?
05/10/05: Department of language
05/06/05: The next scientific discovery: Ethics
05/04/05: Calling all Francophobes . . .
05/02/05: The Nanking ‘incident’
04/28/05: The shame on the South
04/26/05: The war on religion
04/21/05: Holding pattern
04/19/05: April fool
04/15/05:The long wait, or: Why we hate baseball
04/13/05: A stranger at home
04/08/05: Waiting for Bolton
04/07/05: The U.N.: Rot at the top
04/05/05: A stranger at home
04/04/05: Lost en route
03/31/05: The big carnival
03/29/05: A failure to communicate
03/28/05: Baseball strikes out
03/24/05: Of life, death and filibusters
03/22/05: On a fast train
03/18/05: An appeal to reason: What to do about illegal aliens
03/16/05: Memory
03/11/05: Hotel Darfur: Now showing at the U.N.
03/09/05: The Big Ten before the Supreme Court
03/03/05: Freedom tide a-rising
03/02/05: On following ideas over a cliff
02/28/05: Attention must be paid?
02/22/05: Democrats for life?
02/21/05: Washington: The unfinished portrait
02/17/05: North Korea's nuke: what would FDR have said?
02/15/05: A poet's holiday
02/11/05: The essential Lincoln: Reflections on a great President's birthday
02/08/05: Fear itself
02/04/05:An incredible day
02/01/05:The globalization of American rhetoric
01/31/05:The Old Man
01/27/05:Letters from an editor
01/24/05:Notes on an inaugural: what after the words?
01/19/05:Lee outside the frame
01/18/05:It makes you wonder why Rather got into journalism in the first place
01/11/05: Their own worst enemy
It's what Alberto Gonzales didn't do
01/10/05: Their own worst enemy
01/05/05: Two New Yawkers   —   and two Americas
01/04/05: Obituary of the year
01/03/05: Where I went wrong
12/16/04: Sixty years ago at dawn
12/15/04: Give up, Americans!
12/14/04: Call from a congressman
12/13/04: Dept. of sanitized history
12/07/04: Scattershot
12/03/04: The big change in the news
12/01/04: Why you can't trust Congress
11/30/04: Southern exposure
11/24/04: The Clinton library's sanitized history
11/17/04: The unwelcome guest: Slick Willie
11/11/04: ‘Moral values’ — just what are they?
11/09/04: Election day meditation: The calm between two storms
11/01/04: On changing horses
10/29/04: The invisible ethnic group
10/27/04: Can we trust the U.N. (again)?
10/26/04: The world turned upside down
10/20/04: The bright side: Two elections to cheer
10/15/04: W., the debate, and my big sister
10/12/04: Notes on a debate; simplicity vs. finesse
10/06/04: Iran goes nuclear
09/29/04: The Angel's Dictionary
09/27/04: Because the West dares to exist
09/15/04: Provocation a minute
09/13/04: Bless his heart
09/10/04: Crazy like Fox: Of bounces and non-bounces
09/07/04: Who controls the past? Zell Miller, memory and politics
09/03/04: The labor theory of value
08/30/04: Low point
08/25/04: Still for the Union
08/23/04: Don Quixote in town
08/19/04: What's right with the Electoral College
08/18/04: More light, less heat: This debate grows tedious
08/16/04: Meet Dr. Kerry and his cure for Alzheimer's
08/11/04: Adventures in medialand
08/09/04: A full confession
08/04/04: The man behind it all
07/30/04: The big shift
07/27/04: All that jazz: Why we watch the conventions
07/23/04: So help us ... ?
07/19/04: Some things I don't believe
07/16/04: Bubba and the Little People
07/14/04: Reason 51, Prejudice 46
07/09/04: John Kerry's smart move
07/07/04: The High Court's non-decision
07/02/04: Hi-Ya, Babe! — The Spirit of '76 Goes Rolling Along
06/29/04: Our Saudi Friends
06/25/04: The History of Slick Willie — from the coiner of the moniker
06/23/04: They still don't get it
06/22/04: John Walker Lindh heard from
06/18/04: Dispatch from the future
06/16/04: The legality of evil
06/09/04: Room at the top
06/07/04: The Music Man: How a b-movie actor changed the world
05/31/04: Unheroic heroes
05/25/04: Editorialists put on the spot
05/19/04: Letter from America
05/17/04: Invitation to a beheading
05/12/04: A time to talk plain
05/06/04: Iraq through a rearview mirror
04/27/04: HE-E-E'S . . . back!
04/23/04: Sideshow: Politics in wartime
04/14/04: Looking for Vietnam
04/11/04: Does bestsellerdom beat the No. 2 job Clarke wanted in Homeland Security?
04/01/04: 'Condoleezza Rice, do you swear . . .'
03/22/04: The death of Abu Abbas — and hope in the Middle East
03/17/04: Spain goes wobbly
03/12/04: He's the toast of Paris
03/10/04: One life or two?
03/08/04: Will hatred be enough?
03/04/04: The critical period
02/23/04: Unfinished portrait: Washington and the republic
02/19/04: Big tempest, little teapot
02/17/04: An imminent threat — to his own credibility
02/11/04: High dudgeon and low politics
02/09/04: The stalker called ALS
02/04/04: The BBC meets British justice
01/30/04: As New Hampshire goes. . .
01/28/04: Ethics Department: George Will, a case study
01/26/04: Back to Earth
01/22/04: The campaign to date
01/21/04: The revealing results in Iowa
01/19/04: The radical as conservative
01/15/04: Pernicious abstractions: Of Lincoln and Iraq, practice and theory
01/13/04: The secret of the South: Altitude is attitude
01/07/04: Second thoughts at the turn of the year
01/05/03: An obituary for qualities
12/31/03: Where I went wrong
12/29/03: A letter from Flannery O'Conner
12/19/03: Bob Bartley, an American story
12/17/03: One more mission accomplished
12/16/03: Bad day for the First Amendment
12/15/03: With apologies to Walter Winchell
12/11/03: Texican as she is spoke
12/09/03: My first game of Bocce
12/03/03: The Clark bandwagon breaks down
12/02/03: Fellow feeling
11/25/03: The decline and fall of words: Humpty Dumpty on unholy matrimony
11/21/03: A certain slant of light
11/19/03: Vocabulary is all in the abortion debate
11/11/03: Will the recovery last? The 7.2% solution
11/07/03: The Confederate from Vermont
11/03/03: Rolling stone gathers moss
10/30/03: Who will rebuild Iraq? Responsibility and its opposite
10/27/03: Feticide, as peace of mind
10/24/03: Why judges should be seen and not heard
10/20/03: Damn Yankees: A tragedy in Eleven Innings
10/15/03: End of the affair
10/13/03: How to kill a crazy man
10/03/03: Mystery solved!: Or: Who called the general?
10/01/03: The fall of the House of Kennedy: A new low
09/23/03: When editorial writers collide
09/16/03: Hey Porter: Johnny Cash comes home
09/15/03: End of the road(map)
09/09/03: If only Miguel Estrada had been just another mediocre tortician with a bigger mouth than brain
09/05/03: Death Wish
08/29/03: Of Labor Day, Seabiscuit and ideology
08/28/03: FORMIDABLE!
08/25/03: The new Wesley Clark (and why I miss the old one)
08/13/03: Familiarity breeds respect
08/11/03: It was time: Fritz Hollings limits his term
08/08/03: Monk and the Case of the Iraqi Maze
08/06/03: The saga of Sam Phillips, or How the South rose again
08/05/03: BoSox win — but can science beat art?
08/01/03: Admiral Strangelove
07/28/03: Red states versus Blue
07/25/03: General indecision: Wesley Clark orders breakfast
07/22/03: How diversity became Orwellian
07/16/03: MY, WHAT LANGUAGE!
07/14/03: Dr. Dowd analyzes Clarence Thomas
07/10/03: A genealogy of ideas: American, un-American and French
07/07/03: The return of Baghdad Bob
06/30/03: What the Supreme Court doesn't know about race
06/26/03: Shock and awe on Fleet Street
06/20/03: HILLARY — THE BOOK!
06/19/03: Brinkley was a class act — and he told the truth
06/17/03: An obituary for Atticus Finch
06/10/03: Media myths and how they're made, or: Maureen the magician
06/03/03: For the record: Bill Clinton vs. history
05/22/03: Bookstore by the sea
05/20/03: Another case of 'Borking' Judicial nominees are routinely assailed for everything they've ever said or done from approximately the age of 3, and quite a few things they haven't
05/15/03: The great tax debate, or: politics vs. economics
05/12/03: It's the vision thing
05/07/03: The next Baghdad Bob
05/05/03: Glimmerings of peace
05/01/03: A few of my favorite things
04/28/02: SOUND FAMILIAR? Truman meets the press
04/22/03: Glimmerings of peace
04/16/03: How to leave Egypt
04/15/03: Three snapshots of a war
04/03/03: Coffee, beignets and war
03/27/03: What's the weather in Karbala?
03/25/03: Go to the seers and poets
03/17/03: The sleepwalkers
03/05/03: Those interfering Americans
03/03/03: The unstrung quartet
02/24/03: The mob forms here: The borking of Miguel Estrada
02/21/03: The Thirties revisited
02/18/03: To kill an idea, file suit
02/14/03: A Question for Tom Daschle
02/12/03: A man for this season, too
02/06/03: The Prosecution rest: Colin Powell at the U.N.
01/31/03: Waiting for war
01/06/03: Here come the clones (Vincent Price, where are you?)
11/27/02: Suddenly a pause
11/13/02: Scattered returns: Election night as a test of character
11/06/02: The morning after
11/04/02: The storm before the calm
10/28/02: Crossing the line
10/24/02: One war at a time
10/15/02: Carter gets his Nobel --- at last
10/08/02: The case is made
09/30/02: Thank Heaven he's not president
09/24/02: An offer we can refuse
09/13/02: More globaloney --- and a ray of hope
08/26/02: The Wal-Mart culture
08/20/02: How (much) low(er) can Bubba go?
08/02/02: Boundless: The return of Slick Willie
07/29/02: Affirmative Action's latest victim: A black judge
07/15/02: Science vs. art: Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio
07/09/02: HE-E-E'S BACK!
07/05/02: A different Fourth of July
07/02/02: When principles conflict: Let there be light
06/26/02: A provisional state; new name for the same old chaos
06/24/02: The Clinton legacy: An autopsy
06/20/02: What do you say to leaders?
06/18/02: Tread on us: How the press fooled itself
06/13/02: Amateur hour
06/10/02: Yasser, that's our baby: How long will this farce continue?
06/06/02:: 'Speak, that I may see thee' or: letters from an editor
06/03/02:: Conventional wisdom down the tubes
05/29/02:: Arm the pilots
05/24/02:: Let us cross over the river …
05/22/02:: Pictures at an exhibition
05/16/02:: Invitation to a beheading - thanks, but no …
05/14/02: Cloning words: a senator shows how it's done
05/10/02: My mother vs. Europe
05/09/02: A graduate seminar in courage
05/08/02: Looking for oneself
05/06/02: Politics vs. history (history ain't got a chance)
05/02/02: Foggy Bottom blues
04/29/02: About our 'broken' election system ...
04/23/02: Life begins again: Heaven is opening day in the minors
04/17/02: Masterful indirection: An American tradition
04/15/02: Happy April 15th
04/11/02: They found him
04/02/02: Fidel and friends
03/19/02: Good news, bad news: thinking the unthinkable
03/13/02: A modest proposal
03/11/02: One against the crowd
03/04/02: Common sense about immigration
02/27/02: More mush from The Wimp
02/20/02: Trading with the enemy
02/15/02: A word for Lincoln --- and perseverance
02/01/02: The alert State of the Union
01/23/02: The endless campaign
01/21/02: The State of the Dream
01/16/02: Nothing succeeds like failure
01/14/02: Cry for Argentina
01/10/02: The living and the dead
01/08/02: Happy old year: They met the test
01/04/02: Nuclear winter: Toward the brink again
12/31/01: Right where he belongs
12/26/01: Naked to our enemies: A treaty is not a defense
12/19/01: The end of the affair: The war that Oslo wrought
12/17/01: Travel time
12/12/01: To an anxious friend
12/05/01: End of the road? Arafat's bloody trail
12/03/01: The secret presidency
11/29/01: Now the ground war
11/27/01: Notes on a war
11/20/01: Victory through air power
11/16/01: What's good for the Delta ... is good for the country
11/15/01: No drums, no bugles: a time for Billy Collins
11/14/01: No land war in Asia, or: What's your hurry, Mack?
11/12/01: Confessions of a fan
11/08/01: The Israelis miss a chance
11/05/01: Welcome to 'After'
10/31/01: We're on the way to airline security
10/29/01: Field guide to fanatics
10/24/01: Naipaul's Nobel: the eye of exile
10/22/01: Sound familiar?
10/18/01: Pentagon may be best lead agency in bioterror war
10/16/01: Advice from the past
10/11/01: Tony Blair's finest hour
10/08/01: And the war came
10/04/01: Why do they hate us?
10/01/01: The way we were: try to remember ...
09/26/01: The sound of the trumpet: A different call to arms
09/25/01: On understanding terrorism
09/17/01: Unnecessary call
09/14/01: The good amid the wreckage
09/13/01: At war against an invisible enemy
08/31/01: Theory and reality: Labor Day 2001
08/23/01: What's an ex-president for?
08/15/01: The clones are coming! The clones are ...
08/14/01: Toward that Brave New World
08/07/01: Drawing the line -- again and again and again
08/02/01: The long hello
07/18/01: A good idea runs into ideology
07/16/01: And the truth will set you free
07/13/01: We have forgotten how to shudder
07/11/01: Cuba waits -- for the inevitable
07/09/01: A practical defeat
07/03/01: Heroes, who needs 'em?
06/28/01: It never stops
06/26/01: The fruit of time
06/21/01: They just don't get it
06/19/01: It's over: Delusion of grandeur
06/14/01: The politics of Procrustes
06/07/01: McVeigh's world: Falsity forever
06/04/01: Monumental mistake
05/31/01: Monumental mistake
05/16/01: The Angel's Dictionary
05/08/01: The calloused conscience
05/02/01: The uses of ambiguity: W., Ike and Wordfog
04/30/01: A Reaganless administration
04/27/01: On the decline of lying
04/25/01: Guide to a Collapsing Society
04/23/01: YAHOO! Decency makes a comeback
04/17/01: Abolish the Internal Revenue Code
04/13/01: Welcome home and stay vigilant
04/06/01: Chinese puzzle
04/04/01: Diversity, the new uniformity
04/02/01: The uses of freedom, or: thank you, Ted Turner
03/28/01: Law into politics: Exit the ABA, unwillingly
03/23/01: Lost causes found, or: Small nation, great people
03/20/01: Look away, look away: The rage for RU-486
03/16/01: NASCAR: Now it's top secret
03/14/01: A record broken: The delights of awful prose
03/08/01: D-Day in New Orleans
02/27/01: Behind the scenes (It's crowded back there)
02/14/01: A collection of valentines
02/07/01: The Music Man and his critics
02/02/01: Annals of 'thoughtcrime'
01/31/01: How far we've come: A theory of devolution
01/29/01: Found!:Dubya's to-do list
01/25/01: On power
01/23/01: Advice from the past
01/11/01: The necessity of grace
01/09/01:The quiet sell-out
01/05/01: Faces in a cabinet
01/03/01: Resonant lives
12/29/00: Victor Borge: The one-man Marx brothers
12/22/00: In praise of plagiarism
12/19/00: Back to the furious fifties --- OR Sea change at a car wash
12/18/00: After the storm
12/12/00: They're tearing my country apart
12/08/00: Hold that metaphor
12/05/00: Department of hindsight: Where it went wrong
12/01/00: Just call him Al
11/30/00: Surreal: Politics and the American language
11/27/00: The hollow crisis
11/23/00: This Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for ...
11/22/00: What a tangled web: A Dickensian election
11/21/00: The long hello: Pregnant chad and presidents-elect
11/20/00: Through a glass darkly: Scattered reflections on a shattered election
11/17/00: The road to madness: The constitutional crisis of 2000
11/16/00: TO BE CONTINUED: Waiting for president godot
11/14/00: Hail to the Chief, whoever he is
11/10/00: The man who started it all
11/08/00: Now we know: The perils of prophesying
11/02/00: The Electoral College: It's working again
10/31/00: The Miss America parody
10/25/00: Round three: a matter of trust
10/24/00: Instant summit, instant violence
10/20/00: The dream in ruins: A new realism in the Mideast
10/16/00: The second team: It's first rate
10/12/00: Peace is war: That's the Middle East -- still
10/10/00: O freedom: The scenes from Serbia
10/05/00: O Brave New World: Better dying through chemistry
10/03/00: I am mightily offended, or: In defense of Moonpies
09/28/00: Just what we love: Another cheap political ploy
09/26/00: With a whimper: Whitewater peters out
09/21/00: News from the death sciences
09/20/00: What I saw in Seattle: Report from the future
09/19/00: Squandered
09/14/00: Will there always be an England?
09/12/00: In the matter of No. 73019
09/06/00: Quarterback sneak: Prayer under the lights
08/31/00: Joe Lieberman's G-d problem
08/30/00: THE KISS: Love, videotape and politics
08/28/00: Well, what a surprise: AlGore beats the rap
08/25/00: After the conventions
08/23/00: Two worlds
08/21/00: He blew it: A night of sheer goredom
08/18/00: Downhill from here: Conventional rhetoric
08/17/00: The First Hurrah; Bubba sets the tone
08/16/00: Still center stage: Bubba's first last appearance
08/15/00: A Peek into chaos: Pat Buchanan's world
08/14/00: The other convention
08/10/00: Joe Lieberman, Fundamentalist
08/09/00: The back of the book:
Notes on a convention
08/08/00: Was it a great speech?
08/07/00: BOFFO! Cheney wows 'em
08/04/00: Convention diary: Waiting for W.
08/03/00: The keynotes: There's a method to their moderation
08/01/00: Bubba to investigator: 'But It was only a million dollars'
07/27/00: Speed kills: The lesson of another Waco post-mortem
07/26/00: Safe at home: Andy Morales makes it
07/21/00: The man is an artist: He's not just 'Slick Willie' anymore
07/19/00: The Arab tragedy: When mistake becomes tradition
07/17/00: Very well, alone-- Barak's solo
07/13/00: The don't-be-a-darned-fool rule
07/10/00: To the summit -- and back down again?
07/07/00: Hate mail about hate crimes?
07/05/00: Revolution in Mexico -- and it's the best kind
06/30/00: A confused Court: Once more into the murk
06/28/00: Gore fatigue sets in
06/26/00: Confessions of a thoughtcriminal
06/23/00: Schools as prayer-free zones
06/21/00: The case of the not-so-missing secrets
06/19/00: Them are us: Why the death tax is dying
06/15/00: Engine trouble: AlGore's sputtering campaign
06/13/00: Death of a tyrant: Sic semper tyrannis
06/07/00: That ever vaster right-wing conspiracy
06/02/00: Adios, Elian --
or is it hasta luego?
05/31/00: Barbara Cartland's romance comix: She knew us better than you might think
05/25/00: Disbar the shyster, or how 'bout them Arkansas mores?
05/23/00: The New World Disorder
05/16/00: No end in sight: The long disbarment
05/11/00: Bill Clinton's next career
05/09/00: Who owns the Blues?
05/05/00: Waiting for Miss Daisy: On time after all
05/02/00: Exit smiling: Homage to Gorey
04/28/00: Down the memory hole
04/24/00: Orders are orders: Seize the child!
04/18/00: What a piece of work: The latest from Clinton
04/14/00: The tragedy may only have begun
04/04/00: The littlest fugitive, or: They're coming for Elian
03/30/00: Visiting with W.
03/28/00: The news from Arkansas; weirder than usual
03/23/00: Justice delayed: There he goes again
03/20/00: The courting of the losers: An election-year ritual
03/17/00: A political St. Patrick's
03/02/00: Starr Trek
02/29/00: Two Comeback Kids?
02/24/00: Ghosts in the attic, or: The maturity of Slick Willie
02/18/00: In praise of the Lincolnesque: We shall have need of it
02/17/00: Fear of victory
02/15/00: Resign, Mr. President -- from the bar
02/11/00: HILLARY!: The latest version
02/09/00: John McCain's hour -- or just his 15 minutes?
02/07/00: Just one mistake: Slick Willie's latest line
02/03/00: The state of the president
01/27/00: Iowa: Ho hum-now for a real election
01/19/00: When editorial writers collide
01/14/00: The prodigal returns
01/11/00: The man behind it all
01/06/00: The changing of the czars, or: The more Russia changes ...
01/04/00: The worst books of the Century
12/31/99: Hey, what a party! New Year's at the White House
12/29/99: A historian for his time
12/21/99: The republic of irony
12/17/99: My runaway mind
12/15/99: Why all the fuss over just a child?
12/10/99: The simple things, or: Wednesdays with Morrie, too
12/07/99: Eyeless in Seatle
12/02/99: Trading with the enemy
11/30/99:Targets of opportunity
11/19/99: A certain slant of light
11/17/99: Uncle Sam, deadbeat
11/15/99: Macrothoughts about Microsoft
11/10/99: Mindmap
11/02/99: Life, death and the U.S. Senate
10/27/99: The new isolationists aren't
10/27/99: From the clip file
10/21/99: Is Bubba a Reagan clone?
10/19/99: Bill Moyers' other scandal
10/12/99: Seizing the center -- or 'W' is for winner
10/07/99: Looking up the slippery slope
10/05/99: Annals of Clintoniana
09/30/99: The worst thing about Buchanan
09/28/99: Enter Buchanan
09/24/99: The South and the 'Net
09/22/99: Lost in the stars
09/20/99: Witness for the prosecution
09/14/99: Chaos by design: The U.N. strikes again
09/10/99: Who owns 'the blues'?
09/08/99: Janet Reno's truth: She keeps changing it
09/02/99: Save the children: The case for school vouchers
08/30/99: Chinese puzzle: What would Reagan do?
08/24/99: The rise and fall of the American bar
08/17/99: The Bear in travail: new government, same Russia
08/17/99: This is not a parody
08/13/99: Why this is still the age of Nixon
08/10/99: Bill Btfsplk, or: that magic Clinton touch
08/06/99: A vast indifference: cleaning up post-Clinton
08/04/99: The great Arkansas flag flap
08/02/99: With rue our hearts are laden
07/29/99: Rudy does Arkansas (while Hillary does New York)
07/26/99: The Balkan bookends
07/20/99: Celebrity and person
07/15/99: Israel's new friend: Hillary, born-again Zionist
07/13/99:50 Ways to beat the heat
07/08/99: Today's tax tip: the Webb Hubbell System
07/02/99: Vision restored: the Supreme Court gets it
06/29/99: What makes Hillary run?
06/24/99: A Cafe Called Time: A Play In Three Acts
06/22/99: Amazing stories from D.C. Comix
06/17/99: George W.'s first mistake
06/08/99: Hail to the chief?
06/02/99: In praise of failure
05/26/99: Betrayal in the making: let's not make a deal
05/20/99: Israel's big switch: new era or just a mood swing?
05/18/99: Free our kids: revive the land of opportunity
05/13/99: This war will end --- or spread
05/11/99: South Sider comes through
05/07/99: There is no substitute for victory
05/05/99: A Tale of two colonels
05/03/99: It's the culture, stupid
04/30/99: Bumpers' 'B.S.'
04/27/99: An American tragedy: the fall of Kenneth Starr
04/23/99: Presidents and the press
04/14/99: A revealing moment
04/14/99: War Day by day
04/12/99: Just a few questions
04/06/99: The problem with the Left
04/05/99: The problem with the Right
03/30/99: But can he convince himself?
03/26/99: Short bursts
03/24/99: Once more into the quagmire
03/17/99: Big time in Little Rock
03/15/99: Our own Roger Taney
03/09/99: A different ‘Waterfront’
03/05/99: Law and disorder
2/26/99: King Richard's revenge
2/25/99: Open season on the fetus, and a good word for the pagans
2/23/99: It never ends: Here comes the judge
2/19/99: After the storm: Going through the debris
2/17/99: Where's the closure?
2/12/99: Hussein the Hashemite: The wiliest player on the board
2/09/99: The social security game
2/04/99: Our own Inspector Clouseau
2/01/99: Night scene, night thoughts
1/28/99: The decay of the art of lying
1/26/99: Impeachment: Short subjects
1/22/99: Bounce, glitz and tedium: The State of the Disunion
1/20/99: Destructive engagement: How to encourage tyranny
1/18/99: Martin Luther King: The radical as conservative?
1/11/99: Why America is apathetic about Bill's date with destiny
1/06/99:The year of Moronica
1/04/99: Clinton’s janitorial crew of two
12/29/98:The Senate will be on trial, too
12/29/98:A look down the avenue
12/22/98: The surreal impeachment
12/17/98: Another moment of truth approaches
12/15/98: The President's defenders: witnesses for the prosecution
12/10/98:The latest miracle cure: CensurePlus
12/03/98: Sentences at an airport Sentences at an airport
12/03/98: Games lawyers play
12/01/98: Ms. Magoo strikes again, or: Janet Reno and the law
11/26/98: The most American holiday
11/23/98: Same game, another round
11/18/98: Guide to the perplexed
11/09/98: A vote for apathy
11/03/98: Global village goes Clintonesque
11/02/98: Farewell to all that
10/30/98: New budget, same swollen government
10/26/98: Of life on the old plantation -- and death in the Middle East
10/22/98: Starr Wars (CONT'D)
10/19/98:Another retreat: weakness invites aggression
10/16/98: Profile in courage
10/14/98: A new voice out of Arkansas
10/09/98: Gerald Ford, Mr. Fix-It?
10/07/98: Impeachment Journal: Dept. of Doublespeak
10/01/98: The new tradition
9/25/98: Mr. President, PLEASE don't resign
9/23/98: The demolition of meaning
9/18/98: So help us G-d; The nature of the crisis
9/17/98: First impressions: on reading the Starr Report
9/15/98: George Wallace: All the South in one man
9/10/98: Here comes the judge
9/07/98: Toward impeachment
9/03/98: The politics of impeachment
9/01/98: The eagle can still soar
8/28/98: Boris Yeltsin's mind: a riddle pickled in an enigma
8/26/98: Clinton agonistes, or: Twisting in the wind
8/25/98: The rise of the English murder
8/24/98: Confess and attack: Slick comes semi-clean
8/19/98: Little Rock perspectives
8/14/98: Department of deja vu
8/12/98: The French would understand
8/10/98: A fable: The Rat in the Corner
8/07/98: Welcome to the roaring 90s
8/06/98: No surprises dept. -- promotion denied
8/03/98: Quotes of and for the week: take your pick
7/29/98: A subpoena for the president:
so what else is new?
7/27/98: Forget about Bubba, it's time to investigate Reno
7/23/98: Ghosts on the roof, 1998
7/21/98: The new elegance
7/16/98: In defense of manners
7/13/98: Another day, another delay: what's missing from the scandal news
7/9/98:The language-wars continue
7/7/98:The new Detente
7/2/98: Bubba in Beijing: history does occur twice
6/30/98: Hurry back, Mr. President -- to freedom
6/24/98: When Clinton follows Quayle's lead
6/22/98: Independence Day, 2002
6/18/98: Adventures in poli-speke

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