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Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. Archives

08/22/06: War on the home front
08/15/06: Mixed Signals
08/08/06: Democratic defeatism
08/01/06: One war
08/01/06: One war
07/25/06: Concentrating on missile defense
07/18/06: No territory for terrorists
07/11/06: Hidden agenda
06/27/06: War-winning don'ts and do's
06/20/06: ‘Iraq War’ truth squad
05/31/06: Divest Iran
05/23/06: There is a war on
05/16/06: There is a war on
05/09/06: From Londonistan to Palestan
05/02/06: Who's losing Latin America?
04/25/06: Intelligence failures
04/11/06: Secure America
04/04/06: The Mexican solution
03/28/06: The disengagement delusion
03/14/06: Islamofascist ‘coup’ in Turkey
03/07/06: Farewell to arms control
03/01/06: Soul-trying times
02/21/06: A Harriet Miers moment
02/14/06: Port of entry
02/07/06: Too little surveillance
01/31/06: Patriots must act
01/24/06: Energizing America
01/17/06: Iran's mullahocracy is mortal threat
01/10/06: Sharon's place in history
12/28/05: It's ‘triage,’ stupid
12/20/05: A war to the death
12/13/05: Preserve the Patriot Act
12/06/05: Advice for Rice
11/15/05: Get real about China
11/09/05: Farewell to Europe
11/01/05: Our war with Iran
10/27/05: Our Saudi enemies
10/20/05: The Un-Internet
10/12/05: Out of control
10/06/05: War for the free world
09/20/05: A German veto?
09/13/05: Sovereignty levees breached?
09/06/05: The Undoing of America?
08/30/05: Donít go there, Mrs. Hughes
08/23/05: UN AmBush
08/16/05: Poster child for surrender
08/09/05: Mugged liberal
08/02/05: Saudi double games
07/26/05: Terrorism's business partners
07/19/05: Globotaxes
07/12/05: The Jewish State-icide
06/07/05: Memo to Hillary
05/17/05: Know thy enemy
04/19/05: The Bolton vote
03/08/05: Set America free
03/02/05: Go Navy missile defense
02/22/05: Arsenals of tyranny
02/01/05: ‘Exit’ to where?
01/25/05: Freedom at sea, too
01/18/05: Goin' nuclear   —   literally
01/11/05: President-elect Kerry probably would not have dared to suggest the far-reaching defense cuts Bush is planning
01/04/05: Hobson's choices
12/28/04: False friends
12/21/04: Rummy's bum rap
12/07/04: Deforming intelligence
11/30/04: 'First, do no harm'
11/10/04: Friend and foe
11/02/04: THE CHOICE
10/26/04: Hatchet job
10/19/04: DON'T DO IT!
10/05/04: Kerry's nuclear nonsense
09/28/04: President-making security moms
09/21/04: Loser
09/15/04: Kerry's bait-and-switch
09/08/04: FBI witch hunt?
08/24/04: Kerry's bait-and-switch
08/03/04: The anti-strength candidate
07/27/04: Ideologically disarmed
07/13/04: The danger next time
07/07/04: ‘Kerry Republicans’
06/29/04: Watch this space
06/23/04: The company Powell keeps
06/22/04: Empty words?
06/08/04: The Gipper's legacy for our time
06/02/04: Welcome to World War IV
05/25/04: Transparent effort to find a scapegoat for troubled Iraq
05/18/04: Stealth amnesty
05/11/04: Remain, Rumsfeld
05/05/04: Lost at sea
04/27/04: ‘Cut-and-walk’ on Iraq?
04/21/04: Farewell to new Europe?
04/14/04: Unactionable
04/05/04: Anti-anti-missile defense
04/01/04: The threat we're ignoring NOW
03/23/04: Taking down Bush
03/10/04: Active measures
03/02/04: Hemispheric insecurity
02/24/04: Deep-six this treaty
02/17/04: Reykjavic II
02/11/04: A fateful choice
02/04/04: The right questions
01/27/04: Privatizing counterproliferation
01/20/04: Misleadership
01/13/04: The vision thing
01/06/04: Dangerous freelancing diplomats
12/30/03: The threat at home
12/23/03: Moammar's makeover
12/16/03: The tipping point
12/09/03: Waging the 'war of ideas'
12/02/03: A 'sometime thing'?
11/25/03: Non-starter
11/18/03: Terror-tied
11/11/03: Trapping the Bush team
11/04/03: Chinook down
10/21/03: Know thy enemy
10/14/03: Preaching terror
10/01/03: Don't bother me with the facts
09/30/03: A call to greatness
09/23/03: Muslim fifth column?
09/09/03: 'No more war in '04'
09/03/03: The Air Force's new lease on life
08/26/03: Don't go wobbly, George
08/12/03: Divided loyalties
08/05/03: The dot-connector
07/31/03: Wishful thinking about Islamist terror
07/22/03: Horatius Pipes
07/15/03: Making Saddam's day
05/20/03: Saudi terror watch 05/13/03: 'Transformation, part deux'
04/29/03: Shooting the messenger
04/15/03: Who's next?
04/08/03: Winning the peace
03/05/03: A friend in need
02/25/03: The plot thickens
02/18/03: Who's 'with' President Bush?
02/11/03: Islamists' White House gatekeeper
02/04/03: The Powell report
01/28/03: Bush's finest hour
01/14/03: North Korean scorecard
01/07/03: Nuclear meltdown
12/17/02: Serious about defending America
12/03/02: Defining 'regime change'
11/26/02: With friends like the Saudis...
11/19/02: The Jayna Davis files
11/12/02: Could Israel die of thirst?
11/04/02: Against us
10/22/02: Too clever by half?
10/17/02: 'Drain the swamps'
10/08/02: The temptations of George Bush
10/01/02: Return of the San Francisco Dems
09/24/02: The next crusader?
09/17/02: It is no accident that advocates of coercive inspections have opposed prez's goal of regime change
09/10/02: A model for Iraq
08/27/02: Beware 'consensus leadership'
08/20/02: To Iraq or not to Iraq?
08/13/02: Trading with the 'enemy'
07/30/02: Who's trashing Ashcroft?
07/23/02: Wall Street's 'poisoned apples'
07/16/02: Back on the China front
07/09/02: See no evil?
07/02/02: Rethinking peacekeeping
06/25/02: Political moment of truth on defense
06/19/02: Inviting losses on two fronts
06/12/02: Make missile defense happen
06/04/02: The next 'Day of Infamy'?
05/29/02: Bush's Russian gamble
05/21/02: The 'next war'
05/15/02: Ex-presidential misconduct
05/07/02: When 'what if' is no game
05/02/02: Careful what we wish for
04/24/02: The real 'root cause' of terror
04/02/02: First principles in the Mideast
03/26/02: 'Renounce this map'
03/20/02: The inconvenient ally
03/12/02: Adults address the 'unthinkable'
03/05/02: The Saudi scam
02/26/02: Rumsfeld's 'now hear this'
02/19/02: Where's the outrage?
02/12/02: Post-mortem on 'Pearl Harbor II'
02/05/02: Spinning on the 'Evil Axis'
01/29/02: A challenge for the history books
01/22/02: Who pulled the plug on the Chinese 'bugs'?
01/15/02: No 'need to know'
01/08/02: Sentenced to de-nuclearize?
12/18/01: Missile defense mismanagement?
12/11/01: Is the Cold War 'over'?
12/04/01: A moment for truth
11/29/01: Send in the marines -- with the planes they need
11/27/01: 'Now Hear This': Does the President Mean What He Says?
11/20/01: Mideast 'vision thing'
11/13/01: The leitmotif of the next three days
11/06/01: Bush's Reykjavik Moment
10/30/01: Say it ain't true, 'W.
10/23/01: Getting history, and the future, right
10/16/01: Farewell to arms control
10/05/01: A time to choose
09/25/01: Don't drink the 'lemonade'
09/11/01: Sudan envoy an exercise in futility?
09/05/01: Strategy of a thousand cuts
08/28/01: Rummy's back
08/21/01: Prepare for 'two wars'
08/14/01: Why does the Bush Administration make a moral equivalence between terrorist attacks and Israel's restrained defensive responses?
08/07/01: A New bipartisanship in security policy?
07/31/01: Don't go there
07/17/01: The 'end of the beginning'
07/10/01: Testing President Bush
07/03/01: Market transparency works
06/27/01: Which Bush will it be on missile defense?
06/19/01: Don't politicize military matters
06/05/01: It's called leadership
06/05/01: With friends like these ...
05/31/01: Which way on missile defense?
05/23/01: Pearl Harbor, all over again
05/15/01: A tale of two Horatios
05/08/01: The real debate about missile defense
04/24/01: Sell aegis ships to Taiwan
04/17/01: The 'hi-tech for China' bill
04/10/01: Deal on China's hostages -- then what?
04/03/01: Defense fire sale redux
03/28/01: The defense we need
03/21/01: Critical mass
03/13/01: The Bush doctrine
03/08/01: Self-Deterred from Defending America
02/27/01: Truth and consequences for Saddam
02/21/01: Defense fire sale
02/13/01: Dubya's Marshall Plan
02/05/01: Doing the right thing on an 'Arab-Arab dispute'
01/30/01: The missile defense decision
01/23/01: The Osprey as Phoenix
01/17/01: Clinton's Parting Shot at Religious Freedom
01/09/01: Wake-up call on space
01/02/01: Secretary Rumsfeld
12/27/00: Redefining our Ukraine policy
12/19/00: Deploy missile defense now
12/12/00: Sabotaging space power
12/05/00: Preempting Bush
11/28/00: What Clinton hath wrought
11/21/00: HE'S BAAAACK
11/14/00: The world won't wait

© 2003, Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.