Jewish World Review Oct. 26, 2001 / 9 Mar-Cheshvan, 5762

Greg Crosby

Greg Crosby
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Some Thoughts About The "War On Terror," Part II -- THE complaint from the left against the unfair racial profiling of "people of Arab decent" doesn't pass the laugh test. As The Wall Street Journal pointed out in a commentary this week, ALL of the 19 terrorists involved in the hijacking of the four planes on September 11th were Arabic. ALL of the 22 suspects on the FBI's most wanted list of international terrorists are Arabic. ALL of them are practitioners of Islam. ALL of them come from known state incubators of terrorism in the Middle East. YES, THEY FIT A RACIAL PROFILE.

We must stop, detain, question, and investigate any and all Arab people in this country who appear suspicious or out of place. If we, as a nation, cannot do this because of political correctness, or some fear that civil liberties will be lost forever, then we deserve whatever new attacks come our way -- and they will. Let's not forget that we are at war! We know what our enemy looks like. No one is recommending a mass round up or internment camps for Arabs, but it's the responsible thing to look a second time at anyone who might fit the Arab/terrorist profile. Pretending that we don't know that Islamic Arabs committed these crimes is just plain stupid.

And speaking of stupid, it's high time to stop pretending that Arafat is a legitimate world leader. He is a leader of terrorists. A leader of murderers. A liar and an evil individual who continues to oversee the training and nurturing of mass killers throughout the Middle East. No one should negotiate with this scum. Israel has tried in good faith for far longer than they should have, and in the end it was futile. The United States should stop trying to force Israel into talks with barbaric terrorists. It should be obvious by now that the vast majority of Palestinians will not be happy until Israel is wiped off the face of the earth.


If Israel ever goes, we can kiss off forever any chance for democracy, liberty and freedom for ANY people in the Middle East.

If we want to get real about this thing, then let's put Arafat on the terrorist list of most wanted. A good spot would be right between bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Let's include ALL the mid-east terrorist organizations in our fight.

We need to stop fooling ourselves about who are friends are. If we can't fight ALL the terrorist groups in the Middle East, than our so-called "war on terror" is a sham. If we're afraid to go into Iraq to rip out Hussein, his thugs and his chemical and biological weaponry because we might lose the support of some other Arab states, then I say who needs them? Saudi Arabia has financed anti-U.S. incitement for years. They have never really been our ally. To call the Saudis "moderates" is a joke. The Islamic terrorists and the people who follow them (and there are millions) are dangerous to the entire existence of the civilized world. We are literally in a fight for our lives. And if it's oil that's the consideration, then let's quit worrying about spotted owls and start drilling in Alaska, for Heaven's sake.

Since the beginning President Bush and others in our government have been repeating that we are not at war with Afghanistan, or the Afghani people, we are at war with terrorism.

I'm beginning to wonder how that jibes with that other statement about "any nation that harbors, or supports or gives comfort to terrorists will be regarded as terrorists and will be dealt with in the same way." Which is it? Aren't we at war with Afghanistan? Their government (the Taliban) is not only supportive of Osama bin Laden, there is some evidence that bin Laden actually runs the Taliban. So why aren't we at war with Afghanistan?

During W.W.II did Roosevelt say that we are not at war with Germany, only with Hitler and his Nazi thugs? Did anyone think we were not at war with the Japanese, just the few terrorists that were responsible for bombing Pearl Harbor? It sounds preposterous because it is! Of course we ARE at war with Afghanistan and we should be. Taking out the sponsoring states of terrorism will be the key to curtailing terrorism once and for all.

The apprehension about not killing innocent lives will handicap us in this war. Of course no one wants civilians killed, but it is literally impossible to engage in war, especially with an enemy who purposely hides within or near civilian hospitals, children centers, mosques and other highly-populated places, without some civilians getting injured or killed. We don't target civilians, as they do, but it will happen that sometimes civilians will be killed. This is not a sporting event, it's war.

Colin Powell is about the only leader I've heard who has NOT yet said that the Taliban should be taken out. Powell has even implied that he might be open to including them in some future "coalition of rule" for Afghanistan He romances Islamic terrorists while taking a tough line with Israel, the one democratic country and true friend that America has in the region. I realize that as Secretary of State, Powell is doing the typical political dance that is required of that position, I just think he's leaning to the Islamic side a bit too much. Again, in our rush to appear magnanimous to all, let's not forget who are REAL friends are.

Why haven't we heard more Islamic leaders in this country disavow Osama bin Laden and his murderers? Generally speaking the Islamic community (of which we are constantly being told are good people) have been either strangely silent or extremely careful with their words since Sept.11th. What is with Islamic spokespeople that they cannot condemn suicide bombing of innocents? I've heard several interviewed on radio and television lately. Even the most moderate of them when pushed to that question, "do you agree that in every instance suicide bombing of civilians is wrong?" will either dance around the question or just flatly admit that no, they do not think it's wrong in all cases. What kind of people are these? Where are the anti-bin Laden demonstrations by Muslims? Daniel Pippes writing in the New York Post says that 50% of the Muslin world actually admire Osama bin Laden. Man, we got trouble ... and it's not only here in River City. When did it become "divisive" for Americans to be patriotic? Since when is saying the pledge of allegiance, waving the flag, putting up patriotic signs in support of our country and our people at war deemed by some to be "unacceptable?" Who are these people who are "offended" at someone wearing an American flag pin? What is their problem? Maybe they just hate America.

On the other hand, New Yorkers booed Richard Gere at the Madison Square Garden benefit concert this week. Guess the rescue workers, firefighters, police officers and the families who lost their loved ones because of Islamic s.o.b.s weren't in the mood to listen to "give peace a chance" crap. Nice going New York! Bill and Hill got a bit of booing also. I don't think real New Yorkers believe Hillary is "one of them" let alone Mr. Willie-pants.

But later in the week New Yorkers cheered their brains out for their mayor, their country, and their Yankees, who won the American League playoffs and will go on to the World Series. Betty Comden and Adolph Green were right. New York is a heck of a town.

JWR contributor Greg Crosby, former creative head for Walt Disney publications, has written thousands of comics, hundreds of children's books, dozens of essays, and a letter to his congressman. You may contact him by clicking here.

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