Jewish World Review Oct. 24, 2003 / 28 Tishrei, 5764

Greg Crosby

Greg Crosby
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Unfair and Unbalanced | The angry liberals just won't stop in their relentless pursuit to wage war on anyone who doesn't agree with their way of seeing the world. The left constantly uses terms like "diversity," "inclusion" and "freedom of speech" but if you happen to hold a position that differs with theirs, forget about it - no inclusion for you, pal. Polls have shown that the preponderance of university professors, journalists, and entertainment executives and performers are Democrats or hold liberal opinions.

Speakers who are right of center are consistently booed on college campuses across the country. The Hollywood liberal elite continue with their not-too-disguised left wing agenda which they weave throughout most of their "entertainment" product. The Los Angeles Times does not employee a single conservative editorial columnist - not one. For a paper of that size not to offer up even a token conservative staffer is disgraceful and telling. Fairness is a word that clearly does not appear in the Times mission statement.

The Times' bias against Arnold Schwarzenegger leading up to the gubernatorial recall election was so obvious you'd have to be legally blind not to see it. And the paper is still taking shots - the latest just this past Monday. Two thirds of the front page of the Calendar section (and more inside) was devoted to a story of how politics and show business is being blurred. The story's bold headline reads: "TAKING SIDES?" and the subhead says, "Jay Leno's role at the governor-elect rally has many wondering just how far the blending of politics and entertainment will go." Large color photos of Leno and Schwarzenegger accompanied the article.

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The piece starts off with just how nice a guy Jay Leno is, how he visits friends in the hospital and treats his fans well. Then the article poses the question, "So what's a nice guy like this doing in the murky sludge of power politics?" See how it is? - When Jay Leno appears at the side of Republican Schwarzenegger he is, in the Times' words, "IN THE MURKY SLUDGE OF POWER POLITICS." Okay, chalk up Leno as one for Arnold. Now, shall we count the celebrities on the Bill Clinton murky sludge bandwagon? All we have to do is go down the list of AFTRA and SAG members for starters.

How come the Times didn't write this story when Barbra Streisand and other Hollywood biggies were cuddling up to Bill and spending nights in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House all during his presidency? And I seem to remember that famous shot of Clinton and Babs dancing at his inaugural party. Where was the Times exposť on "blending politics and entertainment" when Leonardo DiCapprio did a primetime TV show on environmental issues with President Clinton? Or when time after time throughout his two terms as president, Clinton would come out to Beverly Hills to attend high profile fund raisers at the homes of liberal celebes such as Rob Reiner. And I don't remember the Times having a problem when Julia Roberts stood up at a microphone at one such fund-raiser and proudly exclaimed, "If you look up Republican in the dictionary, it comes between reptile and repulsive."

None of that bothers the Times very much. When the Dems do it, it's glamorous, but just let Jay Leno (or any other star) take the stage next to one of those repulsive reptilian Republicans and HEY - WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?? The LA Times goes ballistic. MURKY SLUDGE! POWER POLITICS! If it's one thing the liberals can't take, it's a dose of their own medicine.

When it comes to smearing Republicans, no one does it better than Hollywood. Barbra Streisand's husband, James Brolin is playing Ronald Reagan in the CBS made-for-TV movie "The Reagans" slated to air during next month's sweeps. According to the Drudge Report the telefilm fails to mention a few details, like the economic recovery or the creation of wealth during his presidency. The film depicts Nancy Reagan as a pill-popping control freak who set the president's schedule based on her astrologer's advice and who had significant influence over White House personnel and policy decisions. It stresses Reagan's forgetfulness and treats him basically as a bumbling, opinionated, heartless man.

The New York Times got their hands on a copy of a script, and in one scene in which his wife pleads with him to help people battling AIDS, Reagan says coldly, "They that live in sin shall die in sin" and refuses to discuss the issue any further. The fact is, the entire scene was completely made up for the movie and the coldhearted statement made by Brolin's Reagan is a flat-out lie.

The script writer, Elizabeth Egloff, admitted to the New York Times that there was no evidence that any such conversation ever took place. The whole thing was totally fabricated. The producers and stars of "The Reagans" admit their own politics are leftist, according to the paper. Australian actress Judy Davis, who portrays Nancy Reagan, made the following comment: "With the climate that has been in America since Sept. 11, it appears, from the outside anyway, to not be quite as open a society as it used to be. By open, I mean as free in terms of a critical atmosphere, and that sort of ugly specter of patriotism." Wow - she's fair and balanced, isn't she?

Unfortunately for the right, the left controls most main stream media - the exception being talk radio, which tends to be more conservative, in keeping with the majority of Americans. So don't expect to see any made-for TV movies like "The Clintons" produced by and starring right-wingers. For one thing, there aren't enough of them in Hollywood to make it.

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JWR contributor Greg Crosby, former creative head for Walt Disney publications, has written thousands of comics, hundreds of children's books, dozens of essays, and a letter to his congressman. A freelance writer in Southern California, you may contact him by clicking here.

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