Jewish World Review June 25 2002 / 15 Tamuz, 5762

Greg Crosby

Greg Crosby
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War on Terror Update | The following story was reported by AP last Friday:

FBI Warns Police That Terrorists Might Try to Use Fuel Tankers Against Jewish Neighborhoods

"The FBI is advising law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for terrorists who possibly are plotting to use fuel tankers to attack Jewish neighborhoods and synagogues, a federal law enforcement official said Friday. Another official said the warning was based on interviews with captured al-Qaida and Taliban fighters who indicated such a plot had been discussed."

Along the same lines, several reports have been coming out recently concerning possible terrorist attacks being planned for the Fourth of July. The problem with all these warnings is that the information has been gleaned from al-Qaida, Tailban, and other Islamic sources. In other words, people who are natural-born liars. The scary information might be true or it might be false -- we can't be sure. And the Islamists know that we know they're liars and they count on that. That's part of their tactics as terrorists.

Intentionally blowing up civilians is certainly a terrorist act, but the "threat" of civilians being blown up is just as much a terrorist act. The "threat" is one of terrorism's most powerful weapons in that it keeps fear alive between actual attacks. If you can keep your enemy scared of you, you have achieved a valuable upper-hand. That's "Terrorist Tactics 101."

So far, not too many of us are all that scared. Most of us are plenty angry, though. Other "War on Terror" news items in the past few days includes the announcement by Yasser Arafat that he's now ready to accept President Clinton's Camp David "land for peace" proposal. Oh really? Great! Wait right there while I run and tell the Israelis -- they'll be soooo excited. I really think Arafat ought to give Bill a call right away so they can talk about it over lunch sometime. Monica can take notes.

News flash from an al-Qaida spokesman that Osama bin Laden is still very much alive and plans to make a television appearance very shortly -- possibly on the fourth of July. Talk about "Must See TV" -- a July 4th television special hosted by Osama bin Laden. And I've got the perfect grand finale -- a rocket shoved up his Islamic Wahabi and fired into the sky. At last this bum can become at one with the universe! Allah be praised!

Another news story from the reliable Arab world says that Saddam Hussain is planing to step down as leader of Iraq sometime later this year and appoint his youngest son to head up the government. In other words, "don't attack us yet, because I'm going to go away and then everything will be fine!" Interesting how all these transparent slobs think the Americans are suckers for their bull. Come to think of it, considering our recent diplomacy regarding the Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia, and others in the region, maybe their right.

As Arab Islamists continue their suicide/homicide massacres on innocent civilians in Israel, President Bush prepares to make a speech this week in which he will propose that a provisional Palestinian state be set up. Gee, I don't know -- does that sound like rewarding terrorism to you? And that's EXACTLY what this world needs right now -- ANOTHER terrorist state. Just one more beautiful Islamic theocracy which will teach their children to hate and destroy all Americans and Israelis (not necessarily in that order). Sounds like a great idea to me. Boy, let's set that up right away.

Is there anyone alive who honesty believes that by giving these Arab terrorists sovereign boarders, their own airports, increased military strength, the freedom to engage in war pacts with Syria, and the ability to import arms and biochemical and nuclear materials from other hostile nations, they will suddenly stop their aggression on Israel? Will they suddenly love their Jewish neighbors and live happily ever after?

As I write this, Arafat's compound is once again being surrounded by Israeli tanks, as it was last Spring. I pray the outcome will be different this time. Hopefully this time Arafat will be arrested or least expelled. If not, then what's the point?

If Israel doesn't seize this moment, if they do not posses the courage to take the important, critical step of removing this man, then we can expect to see a repeat of the circus which came to Ramallah last Spring. Once again, there will be worldwide sympathy for Arafat.

The peace demonstrators will return, the UN negotiators will condemn Israeli incursion, and human rights organizations will march into Ramallah bringing food and comfort to Arafat and his minions. Israel will be painted as the villian.

Yes, Israel is in a lose/lose situation. But better to lose fighting to survive as a nation, then to lose by attempting to placate people who want to see you dead.

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JWR contributor Greg Crosby, former creative head for Walt Disney publications, has written thousands of comics, hundreds of children's books, dozens of essays, and a letter to his congressman. A freelance writer in Southern California, you may contact him by clicking here.

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