Jewish World Review May 14, 2004/ 23 Iyar, 5764

Greg Crosby

Greg Crosby
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Yet another reminder | I really don't know what I can write here that already hasn't been said by many others about the slaughter of Nick Berg at the hands of Islamic fascist monsters.

The brutal act, recorded on video in all of its gruesome detail, went out over an Arab internet site and was seen by millions throughout the world. Of course the butchery of Berg had nothing to do with neither Iraqi prisoner abuse nor the subsequent photos that surfaced, as the terrorists would want the world to believe. No Iraqi prisoner abuse photos were required for American journalist Daniel Pearl's similar slaughter. No photos of abuse were necessary for the slitting of stewardesses' throats on 9-11, or the burning and desecration of the bodies of four American contractors, or the execution-style killing of an Italian, or the murder of a helpless Israeli mother and her four children. These bums need no provocation for their actions.

The Islamo-fascists do what they do because that's their thing. That's who they are. Like Popeye the sailor said, "I yam what I yam, and that's all what I yam." That's all they are, folks. Remember the old Gerber baby food slogan? "Babies are our business, our only business." The Islamo-fascist slogan could easily be, "Butchery and bombing innocent people is our business, our only business." These demented, despicable lowlifes have one mission - to kill as many "infidels" as possible (An infidel being anyone who is not a follower of their brand of Islamic militancy).

Jewish and American people are definitely at the top of their infidel hit list, but if they have their way, all of western civilization will be destroyed before they're through. That's the goal. I'm sure the fact that Nick Berg was both an American AND Jewish was a tremendous plus for these followers of "the religion of peace." It was a twofer!

It is interesting to note that while we in America have been anguishing over the abuses and humiliation of prisoners in Abu Ghraib for weeks, as our president goes on Arab television apologizing in no uncertain terms to the Arab world, as we conduct intense investigations into the matter, and as prison guards and commanders are brought to justice, suspended from duty and court marshaled, not one Arab leader has come out against the beheading of Nick Berg. Not one. Not one Arab country leader has condemned it. Not one important Muslim cleric has spoken out against it.

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President Bush's comment the next day that "there is no justification" for what the terrorists did to Nick Berg was a tad soft, to say the least. Why didn't he say "See? THIS is why we are at war in Iraq! THIS is the mentality that we are up against! The people who butchered Nick Berg are the same people that declared a holy war with us two and a half years ago when they commandeered four of our passenger planes and slammed them into our cities killing 3,000 Americans!

That region of the world is a cesspool of hate and evil and they will do anything they can to destroy us. This is why we must do everything we can to eradicate the cancer of Islamic fascism over there before it does us any more damage over HERE than it already has!"

You wouldn't think that after September 11, 2001 we would need another reminder of what kind of enemy we are up against, but I guess we do. Too many of us, it seems, have forgotten those feelings we felt almost 3 years ago. What happened to that spirit of coming together? What happened to the resolve we had as a nation? Remember how we rallied, democrat and republican, behind our president? Remember how, for those first several months following the attack, we were one nation, undivided, under G-d - and we were not about to let some crumby thugs get away with murder?

Three years is a very short period of time in human history. Here we are, once again divided as we were following the 2000 election. The old hatred is back. The appeasers and the Bush bashers are out in full force. Half of our country wants to vilify President Bush when only three years ago most of us wanted to hug him. Many still don't get why we are in the fight of our lives in the Middle East. Many want us to cut and run, which I'm convinced would amount to suicide.

Still many of us, however, understand why we must not lose the resolve we had following the Islamist attacks. Sorry to say, at times even President Bush doesn't appear to have that same level of resolve - possibly due to political pressures, international opinion and political correctness. But the thing is, we really have no choice but to fight the terrorists and fight hard. That decision has been made for us by them.

Perhaps this latest atrocity perpetrated on an American will have, in a small way, a semblance of good attached to it. Maybe it will serve to remind those of us who have forgotten why we are in a war in the Middle East and why it is imperative that we win. If the savage execution of Nick Berg doesn't jar us back to reality, I am afraid to speculate what it will take to do so.

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JWR contributor Greg Crosby, former creative head for Walt Disney publications, has written thousands of comics, hundreds of children's books, dozens of essays, and a letter to his congressman. A freelance writer in Southern California, you may contact him by clicking here.

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