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Jewish World Review August 31, 1999 /19 Elul, 5759

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Free speech for all -- I KNOW THERE IS A LOT of generalizing going on, especially in the arena of liberal vs. conservative. However, as with all generalizations, a lot of it is true!

One particular point of truth is the issue of free speech. I have come to learn that those who identify themselves as liberals have an entirely different view of free speech for themselves than they afford those whom they identify as conservative commentators.

It appears that when a liberal makes a statement, it is "good," the speaker is "good," and it is protected speech. When liberals hear a so-called conservative commentator take a stand, it is "bad," the speaker is "bad," and the speech is "hate."

I'll give you two personal experiences.

Among the numerous groups targeting me for radio extinction because my opinions oppose theirs are some members of the American Library Association and homosexual activist groups. The plan is typically to write and call the sponsors of my radio program in hopes that this harassment will push the sponsor into withdrawing support, thus forcing me off the air.

To reiterate my position with respect to the American Library Association: It stands by its so-called Bill of Rights, which opposes limiting access to any and all material, based upon, among other things, age. This means that the ALA, along with the ACLU, fights against parental, community and governmental pressure to put filters on computers used by children to protect them from accessing the No. 1 Internet business -- pornography. The ALA claims that it is a child's right to access this information. The ALA Web site also recommends to teens a Columbia University-sponsored Web site that gives explicit, value-free information about sexuality, including bestiality, sado-masochism techniques and so forth.

When one ALA librarian got one of my sponsors on the phone, he asked her what the problem was. She said that I was trying to get librarians fired. He asked how I was doing that, and she responded that I was suggesting on-air that communities withdraw funding for libraries without filters. (In fact, that's not at all what I have suggested. Parents should find out their libraries' policies and take action to ensure that children in their communities are protected from pornography on the Internet.) He asked her why she was against filters. She said because she was for free speech.

My sponsor asked her how shutting me down because I simply had an opposing viewpoint would further the cause of free speech in the United States of America. Evidently, she had no response.

Some of the homosexual activist groups have tried the same tactic. They contact sponsors and call me homophobic, hateful, dangerous, and a voice for promoting violence. Why? Because I believe that homosexual behavior is deviant; that when homosexuals adopt children, these children are intentionally robbed of a necessary mom and dad; and that marriage ought to stay defined as a covenant between a man and a woman and G-d.

So, the activists try to convince my sponsors that I'm a menace for standing up for basic American moral values. Mind you -- I have never advocated hate or hostility toward homosexuals on or off my program. In fact, homosexuals often call my program with their life struggles and write me of their disgust with the homosexual activists' behaviors and agenda.

I have, however, supported those parents who call with the pain and confusion of being forced by family members and much of society to accept homosexuality as normal and morally or legally equivalent to heterosexuality.

Maintaining an opposing point of view to many aspects of the liberal agenda is terribly difficult because of the hate slung at you. I have been written about by librarians in mainstream newspapers as a moral zealot, and termed "Hitlerian." Never mind that I'm a Jew, trying to protect innocent children from pornography, and Hitler spent his time having Jewish children shot, gassed and burned alive.

I have been written about by gay activists as ignorant, insane, a moral-religious zealot, dangerous, and promoting more Matthew Shepard-type attacks. Never mind that anti-gay violence is perpetuated by the same fringe-mentality males who hate blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Catholics, Asians and uppity women. These people are not part of the Judeo-Christian mainstream.

There is definitely a culture war. Please pay attention to who is doing the name-calling and trying to silence opposing speech.

Beware of the folks who wave the banner of free speech. They generally mean it only for themselves.

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