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Jewish World Review / 10 Elul, 5767


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http://www.JewishWorldReview.com | A previous column I wrote "You must be a liberal if…" caused more angst than George Bush attempting to read his way through the Bill Clinton presidential liebrary.

I was harangued with letters.

While many were belittling, numerous were supportive. The internet soaked up that article like Ted Kennedy at an open bar. Both liberal and conservative sites railed for or against.

I hit a nerve, or as we call it in the pundit biz, an avalanche of public opinion was unleashed.

One note was forwarded to me from Binyamin Jolkolvsky. Bin is my friend and editor of the Jewish World Review. The note was from the producer of the Stacy Taylor "progressive" radio talk show in San Diego, Scott Tempesta. He requested contact info about me because of said article.

I called. He wanted me on the show.

I had already checked out the "progressive" KLSD site. Stacy Taylor, a 27 year veteran of radio was the host.

I decided to test my mettle.

How bad could it be?

I figured being on liberal talk radio was nothing compared with what our troops are facing in the Middle East. Besides, if I did my job well, maybe I could convince a few southpaws that what we are doing over there is the only way to guarantee our survival in the future.

I called Scott and arranged to be on Stacy's show at 8 AM San Diego time that coming Monday.

The inquisition was to be by phone. As the show time approached, Joni, my gorgeous wife, posted herself downstairs with our 2 youngest sons. She had the show simulcasting on her laptop.

Minutes before my "guest" execution…I mean appearance; Joni informed me that Stacy was mocking me because I ended my article with the phrase, "I'll be on the golf course." He implied that he was dragging me off the course. When Stacy introduced me on air, I responded by telling Mr. Taylor that I was on the 18th green and I'd be with him after I made my putt.

Rim Shot! Gotcha #1.

That was my introduction to the thousands of Southern Californians that listen to the Stacy Taylor show.

Stacy proceeded to pummel me about my op-ed. He read emails about conservative behaviors.

One read, "You must be a conservative if your head is stuck up your butt."

Wow! HE HAD ME THERE!! This apparently is what goes for argument in his world.

Then, between a few attacking callers, Stacy made the prophetic observation that 70% of the country were now in disapproval of the Bush Administration.

He asked me to respond.

I pointed out that I had before me the latest ratings of KLSD talk radio and they were in the toilet. Did that mean that because his show had low ratings, people should quit listening all together? His response was to go to the next caller.

Rim Shot! Gotcha # 2.

I was originally lined up to do 15 minutes. At the first break a producer got on the line and asked if I could do another segment. I asked why and he responded that the phones were ringing off the hooks.


I did three segments, 45 minutes. I thought I handled myself well and despite the disparity of views, Stacy allowed me to answer all attacks adequately, if not enthusiastically.

You be the judge friends. You can catch the full 45 minutes on my website, www.daveweinbaum.com

A window of opportunity won't open itself

After the show, I pointed out to the producer that I knew we had created a buzz of whatever people were listening and that they would spread the word.

After all, Howard Stern was in the pits until he found his ratings saviors, Lesbians. What Stacy and KLSD needed were Conservatives.

I volunteered.

The last word I got was they were considering it.

Hey I even thought of a slogan. "We report, you decide!"

Now where have I heard that before?

Please talk amongst yourselves and respond…

I'll be on the golf course.
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JWR contributor Dave Weinbaum, originally from Chicago, is a businessman, writer and part-time stand-up comic. He resides in a Midwest red state. Comment by clicking here.


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