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Cal Thomas archives

09/07/00: When truth becomes a negative
08/31/00: George W. Bush: A study in contrasts
08/25/00: The Injustice Department
08/21/00: AlGore and the ghost of Nixon
08/17/00: Please observe me if you will, I'm Prof. Harold Hill
08/15/00: AlGore's 1968 problem
08/11/00:The military: Ready or not?
08/09/00: The Jewish question
08/07/00: W. puts it together
08/04/00: Big media spins the GOP convention
08/02/00: Five ways Bush can lose
07/31/00: Down from the mountain
07/28/00: Not your father's GOP convention
07/26/00: Cheney offers stability after a wild ride
07/24/00: Soul in the balance
07/18/00:The tobacco ruling and personal responsibility
07/14/00: The compassion tour does the NAACP
07/10/00: Neither the time nor the place for a summit
07/10/00: PBS' 'Finest Hour'
07/07/00: Bubba's Day of Reckoning?
07/05/00: The Genome map: A potentially frightening new world
06/27/00: The Supreme Court mocks law and life
06/27/00: AlGore: 'It depends on the meaning of "raising'' '
06/20/00: George W's life-and-death issue
06/16/00: AlGore's one-year gap
06/14/00: Assad the Terrible
06/12/00: Ma Bell, call girl
06/07/00: Coming home to school
06/05/00: Has Israel lost the will to live?
06/01/00: Bush's impressive trial balloon
05/30/00: Northern Ireland's Gen-Next
05/24/00: Will peace be given a chance?
05/22/00: Forgetting the past endangers the future
05/16/00: Message to Rudy: First save your marriage
05/10/00: Gore's plan: More good money for bad education
05/08/00: Profiting from Elian Gonzalez
05/05/00: Cardinal John O'Connor
05/03/00: Censoring the opposition
04/28/00: Castro's mouthpiece: The American media
04/25/00: A knock on the door
04/24/00: Will you accept this `collect call' from your government?
04/19/00: Falwell's 'Second Coming'
04/17/00: A taxing time
04/13/00: Gun control but no self-control
04/11/00: Religion and politics: A double standard
04/05/00: The propaganda broadcasting network
03/28/00: GOPers vs. Dems: The weak vs. the strong
03/23/00: Israel's apocalypse near
03/21/00: The death of Life
03/17/00: Standing in the schoolhouse door again
03/15/00: Upstairs at the White (whore)House
03/10/00: Gore's vulnerability and Bush's opportunity
03/08/00: A 'living' constitution?
03/02/00: Unholy war in the GOP
02/29/00: Clinton-Gore's China legacy
02/22/00: The religious right emerges from a coma
02/17/00: The GOP food fight
02/15/00: Religion and politics New York style
02/10/00:The war process continues against Israel
02/08/00: Who wants it more?
02/04/00: John Rocker goes to (re-education) camp
02/01/00: Al Gore's abortion lies
01/27/00: ANALYZE THIS!
01/25/00: George W. Bush: Ready for prime time
01/19/00:'Hanoi Jane' no more
01/14/00: How Dubyah will win
01/12/00: Elian Gonzalez libre
01/07/00: Your home is not the government's castle -- yet
01/05/00: Missing persons from the last century
12/31/99: America and the new gilded age
12/29/99: Off his Rocker
12/27/99: Raw Judicial Power II
12/14/99:The reading of Israel's will
12/09/99:The homeless make a comeback
12/01/99: Television's outsiders looking in
12/01/99: Re-educating the American people
11/29/99: Dubyah as Reagan III, not Bush II
11/11/99: Israel's betrayal is sealed with a kiss
11/11/99: From the Macarena to 'Victor/Victoria'
11/09/99: They returned with honor
11/04/99: Virginia makes history
11/02/99: School daze
10/26/99: Gore to oil companies: Let them eat crude
10/22/99: The dishonorable and the honorable man
10/19/99: Bubba's endgame
10/15/99: Obvious answers to what teenagers want
10/12/99: The shape of things to come
10/08/99: Beauty and the beast
10/05/99: Inquiring of Gov. Bush's mind
10/01/99: The unknowable Ronald Reagan
09/29/99: China at 50: What's to celebrate?
09/24/99: The power to do one good thing
09/22/99:The Middle East spin cycle
09/20/99: DON'T, PAT, DON'T
09/16/99: Here she comes: Ms. America? 09/15/99: Bigotry or truth? 09/08/99: Begging their pardon
09/02/99: Gambling's growing political influence
08/31/99: Let those Cleveland children go
08/27/99: Boy George (Stephanopoulos), intrepid reporter?
08/24/99: George W's real problem
08/20/99: Back to what kind of school?
08/17/99: Powerless politics
08/13/99: The 'Final Solution' to crime
08/11/99: The good and the bad get ugly
08/09/99: A poet who didn't know it
08/02/99: It's our money, give it back!
07/28/99: The television people kill broadcast journalism
07/26/99: Barak's flawed prophesy
07/23/99: George W. Bush Sends A Signal
07/16/99: Hillary's drop-in candidacy
07/13/99: Sen. Bob Smith's revolt
07/09/99: Clinton has wrong answers on poverty tour
07/07/99: To tell the truth
06/29/99: A family to value
06/25/99: Remembering Eric Liddell
06/21/99: In the culture wars it's G-d vs. guns
06/18/99: Unequal justice under a bad law
06/15/99: Speaker Hastert wants reinforcements
06/11/99: Clues for the clueless
06/09/99: Victory? What victory?
06/07/99: Too good for prime time
06/03/99:The Creator and Commencement
05/28/99: The Cox Committee Report
05/26/99: 'A turning point for our country'
05/24/99: Barak is not Israel's savior
05/19/99: It takes a leader
05/17/99: Questions for Gov. Bush and the others
05/12/99: OAF-ish behavior explains U.S. mistakes
05/07/99: Israel's high-stakes election
05/04/99: Jeb Bush chooses to save kids, not institutions
04/26/99: Surrendering our civilization
04/26/99: War abroad, war at home

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