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Don Feder Archives

09/07/00: Chinese colonels at Harvard -- only in Bubba's America
09/05/00: Lieberman is Moses only on the stump
08/30/00: Bush is giving Dems a pass on Bubba
08/28/00: TIME celebrates single women
08/23/00: Book covers breach wall of separation
08/21/00: Human life in the name of the exercise of human rights
08/17/00: Yawning through AlGore's acceptance speech
08/16/00: When will American Jews wake up?
08/14/00: L.A. -- the Dems kinda town
08/11/00: Party of the Rich head to L.A.
08/08/00: Lieberman talks the talk, then takes a walk
08/07/00: Diversity delusion hits GOPers
08/02/00: Time for conservatives to back Bush
07/26/00: Who needs issues? Bush got compassion
07/24/00: Liberals believe they're immune from character questions
07/19/00: Government neutrality toward marriage courts disaster
07/17/00: Gore should reach out to the other side too
07/12/00: Potty humor keeps getting worse
07/10/00: AlGore promises an educational chicken in every pot
07/05/00: America was always a lost cause
07/03/00: Pardon my paleness
06/28/00: Speak English or scram
06/26/00: GOP justices betray Constitution
06/22/00: Quizzing potential Bush mates
06/19/00: Advertisements for death penalty walking
06/14/00: Death of warrior culture dooms military
06/12/00: Embargo keeps us out of Castro's bed
06/07/00: Hyphenated-citizens put America last
06/05/00: Why gay thought police fear debate
06/01/00: Should New Yorkers give Hillary another fix?
05/30/00: Who will live for America?
05/24/00: Bush leaves conservatives breathless
05/21/00: On immigration, Kemp's clueless
05/17/00: Will Congress end a misbegotten intervention?
05/15/00: Libertarians, party on!
05/10/00: Clinton says: National security requires us to arm the enemy
05/08/00: Sucker moms want your guns
05/03/00: National Day of Prayer -- for the time being
05/01/00: Vermont storms citadel of marriage
04/28/00: Miami Cubans more American than Bubba or Reno
04/24/00: Rebel flag not a racist symbol
04/19/00: Museum needed for preserving memory of communism's victims
04/17/00: "Right of return," newest threat to Israel
04/12/00: Gore and Clinton feel no pain over your taxes
04/10/00: Media tries to sandbag Bush with running-mate advice
04/05/00: Re: Elian, parental rights? GIVE ME A BREAK!
04/03/00: Senseless bureau attacks privacy rights
03/29/00: Clinton and Gore bang away at guns
03/27/00: Abortion flip-floppers owe us an explanation
03/22/00: Oscar nominations show Hollywood's nihilism
03/20/00: Draft Keyes as Bush's runningmate
03/15/00: Californians and Dr. Laura defend morality
03/12/00: McCain moved Bush closer to White House
03/10/00: Attacking Bob Jones, Dems parade hypocrisy
03/06/00: McCain divides and slanders
03/01/00: GOP nominee should go to Taiwan
02/28/00: Bush and McCain make case for negative ads
02/24/00: No debate on Clinton's inane interventions
02/22/00: Dems court homicidal race-hustler
02/16/00: Sunday school Hillary touts her piety
02/14/00: Keyes would help Bush rally right
02/10/00: McCain is the un-Republican candidate
02/07/00: Danger of ceding the immigration issue to demagogues
02/02/00: Hillary will say anything for teachers unions
01/31/00: Liberal clerics praise the culture, pass the condoms
01/26/00: Time for Bauer and Keyes to exit stage right
01/24/00: Forbes deserves right's support
01/19/00: Questions that haunt the presidential candidates
01/18/00: GOP's tell-as-little-as-possible policy
01/12/00: Israel and America march toward oblivion at different paces
01/10/00: Conventional campaign wisdom a distraction from reality
01/05/00: If he could, would McCain ban this column?
01/03/00: On Chechnya, U.S. is dumb and dumber
12/29/99: Who shouldn't be voting
12/27/99: Vermont court invalidates democracy
12/22/99: We are the greatest gift of all
12/20/99: How pundits would have rated the rail-splitter
12/15/99: Kid killers --- the culture is the smoking gun
12/10/99: Send Elian back to Cuba and he'll end up Jose
12/08/99: John McCain: Agenda-challenged, media-beholden
12/06/99: Hillary's knee jerks for the homeless
12/01/99: Church and mosque unite in Geneva
11/29/99: Bush's abortion comments suggest serious reflection
11/24/99: Being offended is a substitute for thinking
11/22/99: Washington's race obsession hits the census
11/17/99: Nothing ethical about PETA
11/15/99: Strength in diversity? Not
11/11/99: Media bias? Don`t be so paranoid!
11/03/99: Steve Allen mugged by prime time television
11/01/99: Candidates should keep the faith
10/28/99: Clinton could rehabilitate Lindbergh
10/26/99: Leftists call the tune - by the book
10/20/99: Mentally ill can help us understand politics
10/18/99: What's love got to do with it?
10/13/99: New Mexico gov urges responsible drug use
10/11/99: I'll be over to your house, to exercise my First Amendment rights
10/07/99: Smithsonian's Indian Museum will indict America
10/04/99: GOP 'big tent' -- enter on left, exit on right
9/29/99: Don't distort Pat's book -- it's bad enough
9/27/99: The Clinton doctrine looks like dili
9/23/99: Filipino Ronald Reagan rides to rescue
9/20/99: JUMP, PAT, JUMP
9/17/99: Taiwan treads water among circling sharks
9/13/99: Oh Dem' values
9/07/99: Gross shoots, point blank at public education
9/01/99: Texas town's Spanish-only policy unamerican
8/30/99: Don't like McCain's abortion stand? Just wait
8/26/99: Bush fails character test with lawlerly evasions
8/23/99: Who should conservatives unite behind?
8/19/99: Hate-crime laws incompatible with a free society
8/16/99: Blacks aren't the only one dissed by the networks
8/12/99: Liberals betray their heritage
8/10/99: Politicians/media play blame Taiwan game 8/06/99: Mommy made him do it, Hillary says
8/02/99: Serbs suffer under western eyes
7/30/99: Taking Dan Quayle at his book value
7/27/99: Strange love in Kubrick's last film
7/21/99: Apology craze hits the Crusades
7/19/99: Bob Smith makes a principled exit
7/15/99: Now it's NATO's allies doing the ethnic cleansing
7/12/99: All war criminals not indicted yet
7/08/99: Greece could be key to Balkans stability
7/06/99: How the 'Net ruined a marriage
7/01/99: What made our revolution different?
6/28/99: Michigan lowers the boom on swearing
6/23/99: Politicians think we're fools -- they're right
6/21/99: Gambling commission issues report, rolls dice
6/17/99: Why Right went cuckoo over Kosovo
6/14/99: America will be ultimate victim of war on Yugoslavia
6/09/99: Call a moratorium on Clinton judges
6/07/99: Public schools will muck up character education
6/03/99: Don't think, just vote
5/28/99: An American credo
5/26/99 :Do we really want peace in Yugoslavia?
5/24/99: Gay 'marriage' -- don't pass go
5/19/99: Little Bill, you had a busy week
5/17/99: Gun control, campaign-finance reform -- two liberal illusions
5/12/99: Watch Quayle go from "incredible" to quite credible
5/10/99: Conservatives excluded from academic diversity
5/05/99: Expecting the impossible of parents
5/03/99: Gore race-baits with impunity
4/29/99: Why Kosovo? Oh, just because
4/27/99: The president's pro-parent claptrap
4/22/99: McCain plays to the media
4/19/99: NATO would have favored the confederacy
4/14/99: Before we march into Kosovo
4/12/99: Taiwan more worthy of U.S. support
4/09/99: Bauer and Forbes --- Main Street vs. Wall Street
4/05/99: Bubba and Maddy lit Kosovo's fire
3/29/99: At Passover, Egypt is a state of mind
3/29/99: Could the GOP stand Pat in 2000?
3/17/99: Hollywood's party line in 1999
3/15/99: All bow, the court is in session
3/11/99: In praise of negative campaigning
3/09/99: Day-care study defies common sense
3/04/99: Starship Clinton orbits Kosovo
3/01/99: Public will blot out Broaddrick's accusation
2/25/99: Slick Hillie for Senate would be fun
2/23/99: Fascism in the name of fighting fascism
2/16/99: Was anything learned from the impeachment trial?
2/12/99: Educating the democratic voters of tomorrow
2/10/99: First Amendment doesn't apply to pro-life cause
2/08/99: Dems' triumph over Constitution complete
2/03/99: Blood of victims will drown out breakfast prayers
2/01/99: Without a home the heart knows no rest
1/29/99: Poster boy for term-limits
1/27/99: The 'so-what' defense in the City of Saints
1/25/99: Whose choice?
1/21/99: Censure worse than nothing
1/18/99: Words can`t dignify a dishonored presidency
1/13/99: Conservatism "with a heart" is conservatism without a head
1/11/99: If he isn't removed, watch out for Bill!
1/07/99: We can learn a lot from Teddy
1/05/99: Monica and a call to modesty
12/30/98: Will Bubba get away with it again?
12/28/98: Zionist dream alive and well on West Bank
12/18/98: Impeach or abandon the Rule of Law
12/16/98: Clinton moves Middle East closer to war
12/14/98: Why we lost interest in the homeless
12/10/98: No place at table for conservatives
12/07/98: The day America lost its innocence
12/02/98: Pilgrims Pilloried in streets of Plymouth
11/30/98: Caribbean dogpatch not a good candidate for statehood
11/25/98: Will Vermont force gay marriage on the nation?
11/23/98: The ACLU wants your kids to get a love life
11/18/98: Why liberals hate tobacco and guns more than drugs and crime
11/16/98: "Pleasantville" a countercultural morality play
11/13/98: Ads are a tough sell for abortion
11/09/98: Why gutless Republicans lost
11/06/98: Historians against the Constitution
11/02/98: Loving response to a hateful conference
10/28/98: Professor Death will fit right in at Princeton
10/26/98: Plymouth caves to Pilgrim foes
10/21/98: On '98 election, keep a critical eye on polls
10/19/98: Clinton could yet be 'prosperity president'
10/16/98: Working families -- Dems love 'em (stuffed)
10/09/98: Majoring in 'weirdness'
10/07/98: Friends of Billy Clinton
9/29/98: Letter from ex-soldier highlights defense peril
9/28/98: Answering arguments against impeachment
9/18/98: The nation that doesn't exist
9/14/98: Bubba isn't the only one who should be ashamed
9/11/98: Resolution of Clinton crisis will define national character
9/09/98: We're still just wild about Harry
9/07/98: Mexican banditry didn't end with Pancho Villa
9/02/98: Clinton forgives us!
8/31/98: Ashcroft's plain talking touches responsive chord
8/26/98: Public opinion be damned
8/24/98: Why liberals condone Clinton's lies
8/20/98: Time to move on -- to impeachment
8/12/98: With Bubba in the sexual privacy zone
8/10/98: The truth won't set Clinton free
8/06/98: Truth about Hiroshima is incontrovertible
8/04/98: Clinton not the first hollow president
7/30/98: "Small Soldiers" -- a fractured Vietnam allegory
7/27/98: Crime wave hits hometown
7/22/98: Love in an Internet fishbowl
7/20/98: Ads bring ex-gay movement out of closet
7/15/98: Brian and Amy -- the children of Roe
7/13/98: Why are we scared of obnoxious 'activists?'
7/6/98: Fonda still resists reality
7/1/98: New York blesses domestic partnerships
6/29/98: Teddy and Calvin stood for virtue
6/24/98: Will Clinton betray Taiwan?
6/22/98: Big tobacco? What about big casinos?
6/15/98: Religion -- God for what ails you
6/10/98: Planning Clinton's China itinery
6/8/98: Republicans' Custer offers advice
6/4/98: Oh, Dems Christian-bashers!
6/2/98: Goldwater did conservatives more harm than good
5/27/98: A Clinton-hater confesses
5/15/98: Giuliani's assault on marriage
5/13/98: Hillary knows what's best for everyone
5/11/98: To honor her would not be honorable
5/6/98: Conservative chasm: pragmatism vs. worship of marketplace
5/4/98: Anglo-saxon me
4/29/98: Needle exchange programs are assisted-suicide
4/27/98: Chretien's mission of mercy to Fidel
4/22/98: School-choice is a religious freedom issue
4/20/98: Corporate execs deliver body parts to Beijing
4/14/98: National sales tax --- looks better all the time
4/13/98: The U.N. sinister? Hey, where did that idea come from?
4/8/98: Unions fight workers rights in 226 campaign
3/30/98: Africa's leaders should apologize
3/25/98: GOP shouldn't look to media for advice
3/22/98: You should care about Clinton's 'private life'
3/19/98: Color-coded reading, product of obsessive minds
3/16/98: Amendment will end exile of G-d from our public lives
3/9/98: Havana will break your heart
3/2/98: Vouchers Terrify Teachers' Union
2/25/98: Presidential politics starts at a resort hotel
2/23/98: Hillary's support comes at a price
2/18/98: How many times must we say "no" to gay rights?
2/16/98: Enoch Powell spoke the truth on immigration
2/11/98: Bubba behaving badly
2/9/98: A conservative dissent on the flag-burning amendment
2/5/98: We get the leaders we deserve
2/2/98: Send a signal that could penetrate boardroom doors
1/27/98: State of the president: hollow rhetoric
1/25/98: For Monica's playmate, we have no one to blame but ourselves
1/22/98: At Yale, bet on yarmulke over gown
1/19/98: Commission tackles America's fastest-growing addiction, gambling
1/15/98: Capital punishment and the hard case: no exceptions for Karla Faye Tucker
1/12/98: Partial-birth abortion and the GOP's future: the "big tent" meets truth in advertising
1/8/98: IOLTA: the Left's latest scam to crawl into our pockets
1/5/98: Connect the dots to create a terrorist state
1/1/98: The Unacceptables of 1997: Long may they rave
12/28/97: Hypocrisy is a liberal survival mechanism
12/23/97: Chanukah is no laughing matter
12/22/97: No merry Christmas for persecuted Christians around the world
12/18/97: Bosnia, Haiti, and how not to conduct a foreign policy

©1999, Creators Syndicate