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Larry Elder archives

09/01/00: The villains of welfare reform
08/25/00: LA to DNC: Show me the money
08/18/00: About Sen. Lieberman
08/11/00: Lies, damn lies, and government studies
08/04/00: Taking out the (white) trash
07/21/00: When good people say bad things
07/14/00: Politically correct double standards
06/30/00: Summer of hypocrites
06/23/00: Dad
06/16/00: The good times of Johnnie Cochran
06/02/00: Mission Impossible: Shaming a victicrat
05/21/00: Police scandal: Overreaction equals anarchy
05/19/00: Guns and Rosie
05/12/00: Feds warn: BEER CAUSES STDs
05/05/00: Dems and the "she" vote
05/02/00: The exploitation of the student-athlete
04/24/00: The eternal government quest for crises
04/14/00: Striking janitors: virtual slaves?
04/07/00: They call them "warning labels," don't they?
03/31/00: Tinseltown crowns a 'hero'
03/24/00: A USELESS law
03/17/00: Why GOPers cheered when McCain lost
03/10/00: When the bad guy is black
03/03/00: Cops -- how bad are they?
02/25/00: O.J.'s revenge?
02/18/00: "Maverick" McCain
02/11/00: Regis feels our pain
02/04/00: "Hurricane" warning
01/28/00: Basketball game or political rally?
01/21/00: Hollywood: Another casualty in the war on drugs
01/14/00: Hollywood should thank AlGore
01/07/00: Did Britain's anti-gun laws save ex-Beatle Harrison?
12/31/99: John Rocker: Designated bigot?
12/27/99: Campaign finance reform -- needed or needless?
12/16/99: Sen. Bradley and the black vote
12/09/99: Clinton, the WTO, and Economics 101
12/06/99: Are G.I. Janes unwanted?
11/29/99: Jesse's wrong
11/12/99: George W. Bush-wacked
11/09/99: Coming soon: The Fat Tax
10/29/99: Pete Rose: All-Whiner?
10/25/99: A tale of two shootings
10/18/99: SAT, R.I.P.
10/11/99: Hollywood to America: "We care, you don't"
10/01/99: An unfair attack against a fair-minded man
09/28/99: Smoking down: Good news?
09/20/99: Minimum wage, maximum stupidity
09/10/99: Can a good cop have a bad mouth?
09/03/99: The coke question: Why Bush, not Clinton?
08/30/99: The new "racists" are here
08/20/99: The Lesson of the L.A. Shooting -- Be Prepared!
08/13/99: The Gipper Gets No Respect
08/06/99: L.A. to NFL: Drop Dead
08/02/99: More Television, More Crime?
07/23/99: John Kennedy, Jr.: America's Prince?
07/19/99: The World Cup: Some Women Don't Get It
07/09/99: Hatemongers and the Elvis factor
07/07/99: Big Brother, please stop "Big Daddy"
06/25/99: Guns and Moses? Hardly
06/18/99: "Victory" in Kosovo
06/11/99: Is America desensitized?
06/04/99: The teflon director vs. the NRA
05/28/99: Stars war on Rosie
05/20/99: Make the crooks' day, blame the cops
05/17/99: Did "Jenny Jones" commit murder?
05/07/99: Politicians: full of gas
04/30/99: Littleton and the Brando rule
04/16/99: Are cops killing blacks?
04/16/99: Minimum wage: Yet another Republican retreat
04/12/99: GOP: the "White People's Party"
03/25/99: Joe D. and affirmative action
03/18/99: Black jocks dumb, says judge
03/12/99: Where are the angry geezers?
03/05/99: Is the president a rapist?
03/02/99: So, how was your flight?
02/18/99: Life in the Clinton gloat-free zone
02/16/99: The fur coat death notice
01/29/99: A Malcolm X postage stamp? What about George Wallace?
01/21/99: Racism is only a conservative problem, right?
01/18/99: Police brutality? What about policy brutality?
01/04/99: The NBA slam-dunks taxpayers
12/28/98: "Evil" Republicans impeach Clinton
12/21/98: On to the Senate!
12/10/98: Will the real America stand up?
11/30/98: Save the children:tax the poor
11/30/98: Ken Starr and the vast left-wing conspiracy
11/19/98: Will the real hypocrite stand up!?
11/13/98: The Clinton 400
10/23/98: My evening with Chris Rock
10/15/98: Slavery is not funny
10/02/98: Clinton --- friend of the working woman
9/28/98: George Washington vs. the Grand Jury
9/18/98: I It's the perjury, stupid
9/14/98: The "Larry List" of the most fascinating women in politics
9/07/98: Why blacks shouldn't support Clinton
8/27/98:The Brown bomber strikes Justice Thomas
8/21/98:So very clintonesque
8/17/98: Gary Coleman, hate criminal?
8/07/98: How much mea culpa?
7/24/98: ATM Al?
7/24/98: Advising the advisors
7/17/98: Camille Cosby's carelessness
7/9/98: Moses mugged
7/2/98: Al Campanis -- forever a racist?
6/25/98: And you thought "coke" was worse than smokes
6/19/98: Is Jasper ‘America'?
6/12/98: Guess who's not coming to dinner
6/5/98: What now, NOW?
5/29/98:What's next, ‘burger busters'?
5/21/98: 'Stuff' happens
5/18/98: This just in
5/11/98: Stepping up
4/30/98: Who's faking whom?
4/23/98:Presidential hoop dreams
4/16/98:To spank or not to spank
4/10/98:TWA: Teaching While Asian

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