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Jewish World Review August 31, 2000 / 30 Menachem-Av, 5760

Anne B. Adams and Nancy Nash-Cummings

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Consumer Reports

Love those pot handles -- DEAR ANNE AND NAN: In 1960 or 1961, I purchased a set of stainless steel pots and pans. The name on the side of the pans is Kitchen Craft. I need to replace the handles on these pans. Could you find out where I can contact the company? I've looked on the Internet but have not been successful in finding any information. -- DONNA NARBER, Grand Island, Neb.

DEAR DONNA: Your Kitchen Craft pots and pans were made by the West Bend Co. To obtain replacement handles, you have two options: Either bundle up the old handles and send them to Customer Service, West Bend Co., 400 Washington St., West Bend, WI 53095, or call customer service at (262) 334-6949 to request ordering information. By the way, West Bend also has replacement handles and knobs for Lifetime Stainless Steel, LusterCraft, Kitchen Queen, Inkor, Aristocraft, Lavernware, Miracle Maid, Royal Queen and WonderWare. Whew!

DEAR ANNE AND NAN: Years ago, as a gift, I was given a sheepskin that was dyed red. I use it as a chair throw. At the time, I was told it could be washed, but I've forgotten the directions. Could you please tell me how to wash and dry it? -- ALICE VILLERS, Windsor, Mo.

DEAR ALICE: The following method is absolutely foolproof -- we promise. Wash your sheepskin in the washing machine with cold water and Woolite, using the gentle cycle. During the rinse cycle (also cold), add 1/4 cup hair conditioner or creme rinse. This serves to condition the skin and leave it soft and pliable. Spin only until all excess moisture has been removed. Dry the sheepskin in your dryer, set on the low heat/permanent press cycle. Be very careful not to overdry. Remove immediately and brush.

P.S. to Harvey Glander of Mount Prospect, Ill.: We suggest you use the above laundering method on your itchy wool sweaters. At the end of the spin cycle, remove the sweaters and lay them out flat to dry. We can't promise it will completely eradicate the itch factor, but it's worth a try.

STUMPED: Susan Benjamin of Baton Rouge, La., asks: "Do you know what the answer to this is? When we drop a piece of silverware, we say, 'Company is coming!' I used to know but have now forgotten what a fork, spoon or knife represents. A man? A woman? A child? Can you help solve this for me? And what's the history?"

We haven't a clue! Readers?

HINT OF THE WEEK: To remove mildew odor from leather, Beth Branthover of Black Lick, Pa., suggests: "Use half white vinegar and half water in a spray bottle. Spray the entire surface and let dry. If the mildew odor persist, spray again. This solution also takes salt stains off leather shoes and boots."

Write to "Ask Anne & Nan" at P.O. Box 240, Hartland, VT 05048.

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