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July 24, 1998

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Happiness is wealth,
but wealth is not happiness.

  — Imrei Binah

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Worldviews(Showcasing the world's best editorial 'toons)
Jordan Gorfinkel's: Jewish Gen-X 'strip, The Promised Land
Larry Elder: Advising the advisors
Mona Charen: Making the military more like us
Thomas Sowell: Clinton in Wonderland

 June/July 1998 / Sivan/Tammuz 5758

Raison d'Etre

Who needs the Torah when we have the Times?

Not long ago, a friend asked me to substitute for him at one of those after-public-school "Talmud Torahs."

To break the ice, I threw out a simple question: What is Judaism's primary text? Seven hands immediately shot up. I called on a boy who was waving his hand more enthusiastically than the rest. With smug self-assurance he pronounced: "Why that's simple! It's the newspaper."

Well, the class laughed at his antics. But I was intrigued.


Left, Right & Center

Clarence Page: Teen pregnancy has declined --- but it's not enough

Paul Greenberg:Ghosts on the roof

Larry Elder: Advising the advisors

Don Feder Love in an Internet fishbowl

Roger Simon: Can frequent-flyer miles alone earn Bubba a Nobel Prize?

Linda Chavez: These 'choice' advocates are being demonzied... by the Left

Thomas Sowell: Clinton in Wonderland

Mona Charen: Making the military more like us

Cal Thomas: Telling the truth about homosexual behavior

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Philosopher Rabbi Nosson Scherman on the role of the Jew in Creation.

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