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Jewish World Review
July 25, 2000
Men fall only in order to rise.   —   Zohar

[ J E W I S H  L I V I N G ]

Are Hillary and Bill two of a kind? What I've learned first-hand
By Rachel Donadio

Just back from Italy, with no political ax to grind, the author, an objective journalist at the national Jewish weekly, Forward, finds herself not only chronicling the news, but making it. A revealing look at Hillary's campaign in action. (MUST READ!)

Discover the World of Jewish Music

Watch Out, Israel! The Holocaust is Coming to Get You!
By Sam Schulman

There is a more sinister variant of Holocaust-myth mythmakers. And these are people who believe that the (mythical) recovery of the memory of the Holocaust is part of a sinister geopolitical plot, orchestrated by Israel and World Jewry, to legitimize Israel's victory in the 1967 war, and the actions later forced upon her by the Arab belieggerant's refusal to make peace with Israel.

Dear Readers
Vindicated.... Sort Of...

WHEN WE AT JewishWorldReview.com began our campaign to help spread the word about the silencing of the lone conservative voice at, arguably, America's most liberal paper, there were those -- including some conservative pundits we contacted -- who said that our take on the issue was a cheap shot. "Be careful when you scream ideological jihad," one scribe with a national following warned. "You may come off looking pretty silly if the facts prove otherwise."

Well, we went for it, anyway --- and we were, and are, being proven correct.

Jeff Jacoby, the only nationally syndicated Sabbath observant Jewish columnist in the country, we are certain, is being dragged through the mud because of his acting as an exponent of the "Judeo" part of our shared value systems.

Our suspicion was first confirmed by the vicious attack The Globe's ombudsman waged on Jeff. In it, he suggests that if the award winning columnist returns to The Globe, he should immediately be assigned for four months to "chase fires," "cover meetings of the sewer board," "write about homeless shelters, interview ... unwed mothers, gay teenagers, ... clowns." Why? Because Jeff obviously needs to undergo a re-education process. Or, as he put it: Because doing so would "make him a better columnist because he'd learn something about the newspaper business. And he might learn something about life."

Now comes word of further evidence of a double standard in the The New York Times Company. Writing in this week's Boston Phoenix, a sharply left-of-center "alternative" weekly, Dan Kennedy, who truly brings honor to his craft, has uncovered an outright case of plagiarism in The Globe's corporate flagship paper that literally went unpunished. Writes Kennedy:

"Last Friday the New York Times published an "Editors' Note" stating that "five brief passages" in a June 27 obituary about British war hero Vera Atkins "closely reflected the phrasing of an obituary in the Times of London." Intrigued, I compared the obit not just with the Times of London, but with the London Telegraph as well. By my analysis, seven passages accounting for more than half of the New York Times' obit were cribbed almost word for word from the two London papers. In one instance the Times of London was credited, but there is no indication that it was the source for anything more than a brief phrase."

Continues Kennedy: "The similarities between [the obit writer]'s and Jacoby's misdeeds are obvious. You could even make the case that [the obit writer]'s were worse, since Jacoby was writing about facts that were in the public domain and conducted enough independent research to avoid some of the more egregious errors that his predecessors had committed. Yet [the obit writer], by his own account, has been subjected to no punishment other than the "Editors' Note" -- which didn't even identify him by name, unlike the note the Globe published one day before Jacoby was suspended" for four months without pay .

Kennedy continues by suggesting that Jeff be reinstated with time served as his punishment. We suggest that our readers read his column in full.

By our lights, there is absolutely no justification for Jeff's treatment, especially in view of this described episode that took place after his suspension. However, there is a good reason. It is because of Jeff's values -- i.e. our values -- as people of faith! One has to be either blind or in denial not to grasp this.


It should be obvious by now that the ones to direct our ire and outrage is no longer The Globe. The ombudsman's bio at the end of his column reads he "represents the readers." Well, maybe some readers. More likely, he reprsents his bosses who, to this day, refuse to allow Jeff little more than soundbites to defend himself in his former paper.

Instead, I submit, we must start contacting The New York Times Co. to account for this latest outrage and obvious double-standard.

Most long distance companies charge about 10 cents, or less, per minute. So, for less than a dollar, you can help a man get both his reputation and job back. You will also be sending a message to the media elite that people of faith -- all faiths -- are sick and tired of being muzzled. Remember, though Jeff was based at The Globe, his column appeared in papers all over this land. Millions read his eloquent defense of the values we hold dear. That is no longer the case. (Readers should also call and write their local papers that carried Jeff's work.)

PLEASE spend the dollar and call The New York Times Co.! If they tell you it is the wrong number, don't buy it. They want this problem to go away. The corporate headquarters can be reached at 212.556.1981. Express your outrage, but do so CIVILLY!!!! Acting obnoxious, despite the temptation to, weakens our case.

You can also send The Times and The Globe e-mail by clicking here. In the past, however, we were told by sources at The Globe that the paper would turn off accounts to discourage your correspondence. If a letter bounces back, PLEASE try again.

Please also spread the word about Jeff's plight via bulletins, e-lists, etc. Tell your friends and associates that background information, links, e-ddresses, etc. can be accessed from our cover: http://www.jewishworldreview.com

Attention talk show hosts:If you mention this outrage, please give out our web address. All the information is in one place and some of your listeners may be on the road or not have a pen in hand. You can also use www.newsandopinion.com, which is easier to remember. If you would like somebody to go on-air to discuss this issue, click here.

The time to act is now. Our nation will be better for doing so.

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky,
Editor in Chief,


An Open Letter From Jeff Jacoby To His Friends

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky:



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