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The Cartoon Web

Jewish World Review
Dec. 11, 2001
Jack of All Webs
What can you say about a society that says that the Creator is dead and Elvis is alive?   —   Irv Kupcinet

[ J E W I S H  L I V I N G ]

first person
Those Days, These Times

By Yaffa Ganz

Small flames with long memories, they continue to glow. To remind us not to lose hope, not to be despondent. They whisper that even a little light brings an end to darkness and ignites great torches of Truth and Holiness throughout the world.

Discover the World of Jewish Music

The Promised Land

Jordan "Gorf" Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip.

[ D A I L Y  I N S P I R A T I O N ]

WISDOM EACH DAY: Start your day off right with words that will speak to your heart and soul. (NEVER TRIED THIS FEATURE? YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING!)

[ L I F E S T Y L E S ]

Dr. Ed Blonz: Oil separation; Is turkey-tiredness a myth?

Consumer Reports on JWR: The latest in luggage

[ I N S I G H T ]

Dick Morris: "Open Sesame": Feinstein's proposed bill allows 100,000 non-immigrant students from anti-American countries to our shores

Ian Shoales: KNITTING!

Martin Gross: The 'American Giant' is still sleeping (EXCELLENT!)

Linda Bowles: Bernard Goldberg, like a good shrink, is helping end a dangerous case of 'denial'

John Ziegler: Biased about Bias

Michael Ledeen: We must be imperious, ruthless, and relentless (FANTASTIC!)

Michael Barone: 'Go to the source'

Mort Zuckerman: Finally, a clarity of vision

Robert Tracinski: The ruthless grip of logic (GREAT!)

Jeff Jacoby: Wit and (economic) wisdom

Maya MacGuineas: The Demise of the Social Security "Lockbox"

Norman Doidge: Teaching an old brain new tricks

Lenoard Pitts, Jr.: Blacks-on-blacks poll is a healthy project (OUCH!)

Mort Kondracke: Once again, Arafat won't take 'last chance'

Philip Terzian: The eccentricities of war

Frank Gaffney: Is the Cold War 'over'?

Chris Matthews: We're all 'air marshals' now

Cal Thomas: The second death of religious politics

[ W O R T H  1 0 0 0  W O R D S  ]

Mallard Filmore

Gary Varvel

Wayne Stayskal

Michael Ramirez (WOW!)

John Deering

World Editorial Cartoon Showcase: The view from ... Netherlands

(Att. working columnists and editorial cartoonists: Think you have what it takes to be featured on JWR? Drop us a note. And readers: We're always open for suggestions!)

[ F A S T  P O L I T I C S  ]

(Tues. night)
Menorah courtesy of Torah.org


Jonathan Rosenblum: These days, it seems US Christians care more about Israel than American Jews do

Rabbi Yonason Goldson: Chanukah: A different kind of miracle


The Jewish Ethicist: Impatient patients

Stephen F. Hayes: Why is a lawyer representing a Hamas front group also advising the Bush administration?

Charles Krauthammer: Sharon flinches

Jonathan Tobin: An End to Illusions

Ask Wendy: 'I celebrate Chanukah, you insensitive anti-Semite!'; idealism v. responsibility; stolen gifts

Paul Wieder : Eight CDs for Eight Nights: The 2001 Chanukah Gift Guide

Yechezkel "Chezi" Goldberg: Because, if you don't cry, who will? (POWERFUL!)

Steve Lipman: Sabbath observant teens take home prestigious Westinghouse science prize

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