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Animal Antics | Storytime

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By News of the Weird

Published June 5, 2020

Animal Antics | Storytime

A monkey riding a small motorized bicycle in a street performance in Surabaya, Indonesia, on May 2, threw down the bike and suddenly grabbed a toddler who was watching, Global News reported, dragging the child down the cobblestone street for several feet before letting him go.

The boy was scratched but not seriously injured. [Global News, 5/4/2020]

Nursery school teacher Eloise Roberts, 32, has been making videos for her students during the coronavirus lockdown, and recently decided to take advantage of a lovely spring day to record a story about unicorns at the horse riding school in Moreton, Merseyside, England, where she lives.

What she didn't expect was the springtime friskiness of the horses in the background.

"I could hear that the horses were up to something behind me," Roberts told the Daily Mail, so she turned around to discover the more compelling story happening behind her, and quickly moved to another field. [Daily Mail, 4/22/2020]